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  1. http://mattj.ca/#2008557/Reel-2011 A collection of work over the past year!
  2. MattJ

    Reel Feedback please

    Thanks. As it stands right now the clips are just slapped in the timeline and I haven't put any effort in to cutting it properly. Right now I'm more concerned with the pieces, the edits getting fixed. I definitely agree that landing on an endframe is really boring. Unfortunately given the nature of some of the pieces it's what I have to work with for now. To clear things up everything was done by myself except for some of the design work and a couple of the 3d elements. I handled all the animation and the majority of the 3d and design. As for the titles, I couldn't imagine making anything to be timeless. Chances are this thing willl be around for no longer than 6 months. Thanks again.
  3. Just hoping for some feedback on this reel before I send it out. It's a rough cut and still I still have to add some Nissan/Infiniti work. Tips on what to keep in/take out etc would be much appreciated. I don't know if I'm thrilled with the music selection and some of the work but oh wellllll. http://mattj.ca/videos/reel.mov Cheers
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