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  1. I´m searching for Company history spots, like this one ... http://www.motionser...s-London/988765 that show the company story from start to finish. I´m doing a 1-2 minute spot for a outdoor clothing company here in Iceland and i have a lot of black and white pictures form the early days to high gloss commercial pictures and videos to date. I was thinking of doing the cut the picture to pieces and distribute them on 3D layer look, when i stumbled on the Pepe-Jeans spot... Made me think of how i could do this in a lot of different interesting ways. Have you guys seen or made some epic company history spots that you would care to share??? i did a quick search but it didn´t give me anything great, but i have seen these spots around, some very good. Cheers from Iceland Ingo
  2. Hey there. Does anyone know of a software that can produce Poker graphic overlays like seen on tv, (show of hands, stats, flop, turn, river etc.) Of course i can do it in AE and FCP, but im looking for a short cut. Don´t know how they do it in the pro leagues, but they must have something rigged up. That would be soooo cool !!, and a huge timesaver. Best wishes. Ingo
  3. This is cool. Zoom in on picture and wow!!! http://www.lehtikuva.fi/hehkuva/
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