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    <p><span style="color:#ff7109;"><strong>The Motion Bar</strong></span> is a full service one-stop shop for all your creative needs. Offering clients everything from motion design and film production, to branding and web design.<br><br> Let <strong>The Motion Bar</strong> bring your company to life, tell your story, and help you spread your message. <strong>The Motion Bar</strong> utilizes multiple artistic means to explore new territory, constantly striving for innovative ways to develop projects for clients.<br><br><strong>The Motion Bar</strong> is excited to hear from you.<br><br><span style="color:#ff7109;"><strong>Gabe Schwartz</strong></span> is a motion designer with 10 years experience in animation, editing, film production, branding, and web development. He has spent the last 4 working as the Creative Director for OSSI. He has worked on luxury car commercials, done editing for Bud Lights Super Bowl campaign, and done animation for Google. He has designed light shows, animated concept art for potential investors, and created digital signage content for Times Square, Las Vegas airport, Phoenix airport, and multiple convention centers across the nation. As well as a BA with a focus in Motion Graphic Design, Gabe also has a sociology degree from the University of Colorado, which combined with his passion for creative direction and motion design, has supported his ability to create thoughtful and socially relevant work.</p>
  1. Hey, New portfolio and reel. All feedback, inquiries, and comments are greatly appreciated! http://www.themotionbar.com/ Thanks, -Gabe
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