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  1. loop cuts? is that when you add geometry to the edges (via Knife or something)? eh, I will look up "loop cuts" in help.
  2. Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle. hah. I'm trying to make an object that has rounded edges (a fillet, i guess). In C4D you can add a fillet to the edges of a cube before you make it editable but you can't put a fillet on a pyramid. So, even if you are to combine the objects into one polygon, what's the solution to get the whole combined polygon to have a rounded edge? I'm assuming that it is via a different method than using fillets when the cube is still a cube (before being an editable poly). so, looking at the image imagine i'd like to make a combined object that has a rounded edge to the whole piece (not just the cube part). any advice?
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