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  1. I really dig your about section now. That perfectly sums it up in an unmistakable statement. With my name I wasn't intending it to be exclamatory or making any pretentious claims, just a name for a portfolio site I used since college, but I definitely see how it comes off as that. Glad somebody finally told it to me straight... the advice from Binky & pix3l is probably the best advice I've gotten since getting into motion graphics. Gonna drop that shit & go with my real name. *edited typo*
  2. I was wondering the same thing about my 'brand' when I was watching this thread: THE NAME OR THE LEGEND Looks like I got my answer
  3. I really needed an outside perspective, so thank you both for your insight. I wasn't intending the name to be exclamatory of how creative I am, but now I see how that just comes off as being douchey. Not gonna fight that battle, just going to take this and learn from it. I guess my skills lie mainly in modeling & animation, as my design & typography leave something to be desired. That's something I need to focus on, the past coupe years I've mainly just been focused on learning how to use the programs (C4D & AE). Knowing the programs will only get me so far and I need to fully grasp design & typographic principles as those never change. Agreed. I was going for a stark contrast to most of the electronic/pop music seen in most reels, but something with more energy would be a better fit. I'll leave the Jimi tracks to someone else though With all of that said, which pieces do you think are weaker/stronger and any that I should definitely keep/trash? Also, moving forward with my real name... is it advisable to drop the artsynth.com domain and register one for my name, or should it be kept and just rebranded with my real name? Thanks again for your help
  4. Thank you for the detailed & honest critique. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with everything you said, with the exception of being on drugs The intro/outro is crap, was thrown together in a few hours just trying to get it out there so I could apply to some jobs, but that apparently hurt more than helped. I did not put as much thought into it as I did other projects. Not a great way to make a first impression. Consider it killed (with fire). I definitely need to post each project in entirety and list what I did for them. Aside from modeling on the football, football helmets, the Boeing B307, and some stock images & electricity (on the liquid metal project), all of the projects in the reel were done just by me. It took me a few weeks of modeling a couple hours a day to complete the Flying V, but I was really proud of how it turned out. Although my reel would probably be better if I had some collaborative work, I have just been working alone on personal projects in my off time to build up my skill-set since I haven't worked in the industry yet. I agree, my work has a long way to go to live up to the name Artistic Synthesis. Clearly I've got a LOT of work to do! May end up just using my name instead of a moniker. Seriously, thank you again for your time & the honest crit… this is exactly what I need to hear to get better.
  5. Hey guys, Been hanging around this forum for a while now, mostly trying to keep my eyes & ears open, mouth shut, and learn what I can… popping in from time to time when I can contribute. Coming from a musical background, I realized design & animation were my passions- that is, of course, after being a rockstar went out the window. Being relatively new to mograph and having not really worked in the industry yet, these are mostly personal projects with a couple freelance sprinkled in. Artistic Synthesis is the portfolio site I started back in art school and just decided to use it as my moniker from then on. I'm hoping this will get my foot in the door somewhere with a jr. level position, but I wanted to get an honest crit from the best in the biz. Thanks for your time & any feedback you can give. -David Reel site: artsynth.com Reel on Behance: http://www.behance.n...el-2011/1229677
  6. I have AE CS3 installed alongside the CS5 production suite and it works just fine. I did install it on a new machine with OS 10.6, so you may need to reinstall it if you are upgrading 10.6 on top of 10.5. The CS3 versions of the Trapcode plugins work as well, but I haven't really used any other 3rd party plugins to say that most will still work. I know Cinema 11.5 will run on 10.6, but I'm not sure about FCP 6- haven't used it since v5. The other CS3 applications are very unstable with 10.6 however. Photoshop runs okay sometimes, but Illustrator CS3 won't even start up. I use CS5 exclusively now, but its nice to have AE CS3 around for legacy projects. Hope this helps!
  7. Breathtaking. I've never been there, but a little further up north through the Avenue of the Giants; one of my favorite places in the world. Great shots, excellent choice of music. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Good God, that is an inspiring body of work. I've seen the Ecko Watch pieces before, but I love how they all sync up to the music in this reel as well- almost like the time tracks were re-done with this song. Bravo
  9. Nice work. The only shot that didn't really seem to work was the guy standing in front of the speakers at :41. I absolutely love the acoustic guitar 'planet' towards the end; great style and concept!
  10. Thanks Lennart! I'm loving SteadyBAKE, by the way
  11. That looks killer. Love the detail in the stadium in the 2nd & 3rd pics. Going the 3D route is definitely paying off. Can't wait to see the final piece!
  12. Artistic Synthesis

    Mr Stacks

    Haha, that's awesome. Lovin' the dubstep drop halfway through.
  13. Beautiful stuff man. Other than the length, it's spot on. Definitely one of the more interesting intros I've seen.
  14. I love the style and the hazy atmosphere. I agree, some texture on the roof would add more depth, but the flatness itself is a contrast from the rest of the textures. All done in AE... impressive.
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