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  1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to write out such an insightful critique. I totally agree with you and I think you've articulated what I was struggling with during the edit process. I'm not sure how much I'll change this time, but it's definitely something I will build my next reel around once develop a more focused, less jack-of-all-trades voice. Thanks again for your time Carey.
  2. A new reel after 3 years of no updates! Hope you guys like it. I welcome any feedback you might have. http://gavinshapiro.com/
  3. Hello everyone ! I've moved back to NYC after spending a few years working in France and Japan and have finally updated my website with some new work. Please take a look and let me know if you have any criticism or advice on anything that could be improved. Thank you! http://gavinshapiro.com
  4. It looks like a minute goes by each second which would would mean 1 frame is actually about 2 seconds of realtime, I think. It seemed to me like he had a keyboard shortcut or plugin that allowed him to cut out the objects in one go. You never see him group the other objects or create a boole object so I was just curious how he did it in 2 seconds. It looks like he selects all the objects, and then in the next frame there's only 1 object in the object manager and they've been cut out of the main object.
  5. sbtread, thank you. Those are some helpful suggestions. Does anyone else have any suggestions/ideas for how he's doing it so quickly?
  6. Hello, I was looking at this beeple video and noticed that he uses some kind of boole function or tool during his modeling, but it's not the c4d standard boole object. Look at 0:23 and 0:26: It looks really similar to Illustrators pathfinder. He's using multiple objects at the same time and the resulting geometry looks very clean. I downloaded his file and there aren't a bunch of long triangles that you normally get when using boole object - its just one large unbroken face. Also it seems like a very quick (one click or one key) process as opposed to putting them in a boole object and making editable. Is this a basic modeling technique that everyone already knows? am I missing something? is it a plugin? Thanks!
  7. Hi sbtread. Tried those suggestions but none of them did the trick. Thank you for your help though. Also something I forgot to mention - if the target folder has no previews rendered yet, it works fine. So the first time I'm rendering a preview movie, it works. But every time after that, it doesn't since there is a preview.mov in that folder. It makes a preview1.mov but wont open in the picture viewer and gives me that error. If I go to the finder and delete the preview .mov files then it works again. But seems strange to have to do this each time when I never had to do it before. Any other ideas?
  8. Hello, In C4D R17, every time I render a preview ( option+ b ), once it's finished rendering I get an alert message saying that the picture viewer was unable to load the file and then it lists the file path. It doesn't play it in C4D, and I have to go to the finder and manually open the quicktime file. Has anyone else experienced this? It never happened for me in previous versions. Thanks
  9. I've tried that but it still holds on "mixing audio for preview" for 10 seconds or so :/
  10. Hello, In the new version of AE they did that thing where spacebar and ram preview are the same thing now and it's driving me nuts. I'm in a comp with about a hundred layers and precomps, some have audio turned on, some have audio turned off. When I press spacebar, it "ram previews" now, so it says "mixing audio for preview" for about 10 seconds before playing. If I turn off all of the audio layers individually it plays without problem but that's kind of a pain since there are a lot of layers and I have to remember which were on and which were off. So it's easier and faster to just wait the 10 seconds to play the animation. Is there a way to disable audio during playback? Or can I go back to the old way where spacebar just played the frames the best it could, and ram preview cached frames and audio? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey everyone, Jeff Man and I put together this opening as part of the package for the 2015 Key Art Awards. Hope you like it -
  12. I figured out a workaround: Animate the morph camera covering the whole path (0 - 100%) Put a null inside the cam Run a tracer on the null Press C on the tracer to make it a spline Use "Round" on the spline generated by the tracer to round out the 100s of points Set the path to bezier and you now have your path with bezier handles. Use align to spline to get your cam on the path.
  13. shapirog

    Pooh in space

    The other day I was playing with xpresso and put this together. Please do not watch unless you find humor in jiggling bears.
  14. Thanks! Yes it is Soil & Pimp Sessions
  15. Hi, When using the camera morph tag it seems like you can only choose from Linear, Soft 1, or Soft 2 for the interpolation. Is there a way to modify this on a point by point basis? Is it possible to change the shape of the path with bezier handles? Or is it just automatic based on those 3 settings? Thanks.
  16. shapirog

    Flying Whales

    Hahah thank you, everyone! Glad to hear people enjoyed it
  17. Hi everyone, I've just updated my reel and would like to share it here. https://vimeo.com/62144926 Let me know if you have any criticisms! Thanks, Gavin
  18. shapirog

    Flying Whales

    Hello, Here is a short thing I made recently! https://vimeo.com/61510123 Gavin
  19. Hi! Here's the animated show open for the Key Art Awards that I worked on at Phoenix Productions. It was art directed by Chris Phoenix and Jeff Man, and Jeff and I built the whole thing together in After Effects and C4D. Would love to hear what you guys think! Gavin
  20. The problem is that they don't end in the number, and all of the comps have multiple output modules. Each comp will render to 3 videos that end in v02-prores, v02-lossless, and v02-dnx. Are there any other solutions that may work?
  21. Hey everyone, Is this possible? I have about 50 output paths in the render queue and they all have "v01" in them. Is there a way to change them all to "v02" easily? Currently I am just going through them manually but if there is a quicker way it would be great to know. Thanks
  22. I got one step further... Taking the fracture out of that null (I have no clue why it was in a null) makes it so I can bake everything. The problem now is that the baked version is extremely exaggerated. Even when I bake it without the delay effector, all of the movements are maybe 2 or 3 times the distance that they should be. Any ideas? I have a feeling it has something to do with the wrap.. Maybe the clones are animating, THEN being wrapped, as opposed to reacting in the global space after the wrap? Not sure but I am still tinkering. But if anyone has any guesses I would appreciate it greatly!
  23. Hi Killkillyokilla, Thanks for the advice. I was doing a lot of experimenting with getting the dome to look right but since it is hexagons it never lines up perfectly when I clone it to a surface. I tried running through all of the different sphere layouts but none of them worked perfectly since a sphere cannot actually be built out of perfect hexagons, it needs some pentagons as well (like a soccer ball). So deforming it and having a little bit of bending is what's working best for me right now. As for Inheritance effector, could you explain what you mean? I thought that was used to take the properties from another object, like when you want to use dynamics for a high-poly object, but use an inheritance effector on a low poly object with dynamics so its less processor intensive. Im absolutely open to taking a different approach to what I have but I don't fully understand what you mean. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  24. Also perhaps I should explain the odd hierarchy a bit. The wrap is what is making the flat cloner object into a dome shape. That is why it is within a null with the cloner. Inside the cloner is an extra null to clone because it is cloning in a "brick" style pattern. They are hexagons. Let me know if there is anything that is clearly incorrect, or any way to make it more efficient. Thanks.
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