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  1. I found a pretty good, free alternative to MadMapper and Resolume called VPT6 (http://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/). The interface is a little messy, but there are some good tutorials on YouTube to help out. Definitely worth checking out for people interested in projection software.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely check those out! Using card to block out the light is an interesting idea. I imagine it might give quite a blurry edge from the card? But I think I might have a decent amount of space to try and reduce that so I'll see how it works. Spence's original suggestion worked quite well, with a little tweaking, too. For anyone who's interested, using black for what I didn't want to see also projected quite a solid black rectangle (which I obviously didn't want) but changing the projector's brightness/contrast settings to somewhat extreme values did a pretty good job at hiding it. Will just have to counter some of those settings for the actual animation in the computer. Will have to continue messing with it all to see what works for me, but thanks again everyone for your help.
  3. Damn, yeah thought that could be the case. Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Right, I hope I explain this well. For a current project I am trying to use a projector to display my animation on a wall. I've never really tried this before so I'm getting a little confused and hope someone can help. My animation will consist of a number of small digital screens within it, and I want the space around these 'digital screens' to be transparent to the projector. So, essentially, I want to mask around these 'digital screens'. I hope the image show what I'm trying to achieve a little clearer. The red rectangles are the 'digital screens' that I want projected. The grey around it, I want completely masked out so, when projected, you just see the red rectangles. Does anyone know if this is achievable? Would I need special software to mask video being outputted by a projector?
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