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    I live in Montreal...I don't speak french...I'm fairly fluent in english...but its still not my strong point.<br /> I love pretty things...visually and aurally.<br /> I have a special place in my heart for primates and leopard print.
  1. Identical noise is awesome for when you are doing lighting / surfacing tests. Because the noise pattern is always same, it is easy to see changes in the way light interacts with your scene even with very low sample settings...just flipping between the images you really start to learn to read the noise. This can speed up that test render process. More practically, it is great for those doing still images. Beautiful work by all!
  2. You sir, have an anti-aliasing problem. When ever you have thin strips of high contrast that start stepping and blending together this should be the first place to look. bump up the min level to :2x2 and the max level to: 8x8 and then lower the threshold to around 2.5 - 5% Prepare for longer render times. I went from 1:23 to 2:24 Now as a proper sell, dropping the exact same scene into the physical renderer produces a render time of 0:08 One thing you may want to do is ditch sinc as the AA method and choose a filter that is faster / has less sharpening...unless it is really needed.
  3. I'll be presenting awesomeness. That counts right?
  4. If all you want is splines, convert the platonic, select all edges, go to structure or functions or which ever menu it is and look for edge to spline.
  5. The manual has all the info you will need on the different options. help -> reference documentation or cmd/ctrl+F1 click the Attribute name. or right click the attribute name and select help at the bottom
  6. this was covered earlier in the thread. pipe the weight from the sound effector into a slider via Xpresso. Bake the animation on the slider.
  7. seeing as how this is a forum of self-sufficience, MAXON does have a form on their website where you can submit this as a bug...I'm sure they would appreciate it. you might even get a response from support...who knows.
  8. well the real solution is to use all the preset tp setups or you could just try the end scale value in the standard particle object....right there at the bottom...its set to 1 by default. a higher value will cause particles to scale up. lower values will cause them to scale down. the oe note is that this is only over time....where as with tp and the preset modifiers you can define specific volumes etc.
  9. first off I don't understand why you are using spline wrap and spline ik....why not just weight the tongue joints to the tongue geometry. that said the issue is with the spline wrap...you have to make sure it calculates after the ik that you have set up. since the spline wrap lacks the ability for you to manually set a priority the only way around it is to make sure that the spline wrap is below the spline that is supposed to be following in the object manager.
  10. do what i did...buy first ask later but yeah...i would never want to drag my computer around...for starters i don't do to they gym enough...and i wouldn't want to risk breaking my baby.
  11. connectnow is an excellent option as it is purely web based except for a little flash plugin that needs to be downloaded...and the free one has only gone down a few times for me. my biggest issue is that there can be a fair amount of lag...and in apps with low contrast you can loose a bit of detail. teamviewer is what i use personally now as it also offers the option to remotely access my computers while i'm away...and it has far less lag. the downside is you need to download dedicated software. skype also offers screensharing...its pretty smooth but has some of the heaviest compression out of the three...i would use it as a last resort...once again it requires a full download...but most freelancers should have it already...can't beat that free calling.
  12. i'm going to throw this link into the mix...some great info can be found if you check out the thread in detail. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=935327
  13. are the modifiers related to using the 1,2,3 keys for navigation....no. is "command" used in navigation...no. really your options are 1,2,3 keys + LMB or ALT/OPTION + LMB, MMB, RMB otherwise you may have an install issue...my best advice is call tech support...this is what they are there for...technical issues.
  14. hey dude...mind posting your solution...finding the answer is great...sharing it with the community is better now just looking at the image i would guess that your issue is in the aa settings...bumping up to 8x8 max should fix the issues.
  15. that is the exact issue...the projecting camera was not lined up...if you lined the model/texture up in a front projection your projection camera would need to also match that. instead your projection camera was angled so that it was almost looking across the surface...this stretches the texture across the surface.
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