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  1. Thanks Mylenium, I suppose I will duplicate the layer, upscale the duplicate to 200%, and then match the original Trapcode layer to the size by using the Z Offset in the World Transform as close as I can get it. It's a pretty simple animation I am using in an iPhone game. When submitting an application you must submit standard and Retina(2x) graphics. I am now building the animation in 2x. I have everything else ready, but wanted to see if there was a simple way to scale Particular to double its size. Of course while still maintaining it's crispness and clarity.
  2. Hello everyone, I am using TrapCode Particular's "Z Offset" function to scale my animation to 200% of the original size. My problem is that "Z Offset" does not operate in terms of percentages. You must input a value from -1000 to +1000. My question is: What value would be equal to 200%? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
  3. Thanks for the tip. I have the Color Finesse 2 plugin, so I will check that out for sure!
  4. So I have a client who shot a video that is terribly, extremely red. And guess what? They wan't more of a cool, bluish, mystery type look to it. There are about 4 different looking groups of clips in the video. (a red, two different oranges, and a neutral tone). I really like the look of this clip below: But I am having a hard time trying to get an exact continuity between the other clips. See below: Does anyone have any suggestions on what filters to use? I've tried so many; there is like 8 filters on each adjustment layer, haha. If someone could bring these screenies into After Effects and try to work something out quick it would mean a lot. Thanks.
  5. I've tried what I thought would be a few solutions: -Upping the geometry on the cube -Upping the steps in the spline dynamics -Giving the Hypernurbs a regular dynamic tag -Adding more points to the spline And nothing seems to be working. I did get the dynamic spline to interact with the cube once, but the spline hit the cube and the cube went flying. Eventually I would like to have a whole bunch of string shooting outwards, hitting the cube or wall and just fall and collect in a pile on the ground, just as if it were light weighted string.
  6. I was just doing a quick test before I started a project, and already I am running into troubles. Basically I need a dynamic spline to shoot outwards, and then collide into an object. I have everything set up to what seems correctly, but the hair collider is not affecting the object it is set on. If anyone has the time, it would be nice if they would check out this scene file, and try to see what the deal is. http://javinladish.com/stuff/hairgoingthrough.c4d.zip (18 KB, haha) Thanks.
  7. This worked great, thanks! And that video was waaay rad! Super cool idea!
  8. So I have this weird little low polygon creature type thing, and I have him moving his little limbs in a walk-cycle type way. Is there a way I can animate him along a spline (just to walk forward), and as well have MoDynamics so he reacts to the ground? I have tried putting him in a cloner object and add the dynamics, but then when I go to add the align to spline function, it doesn't work at all. However, when I don't have dynamics set, I can get him to ride along the spline just fine. Is there a way to animate an object along a spline and have it work along with the modyanmics?
  9. There actually is a little Trapcode Particular smoke behind the cart. I guess it isn't that noticeable. No audio though, I'm just trying to pile up clips for a new reel. CAPS ARE GREAT THOUGH! IT MAKES YOU SOUND EXTRA EXCITED ABOUT STUFF! Why do you have caps on though when you are rendering? For Cinema or AE?
  10. Just a quick little animation for a friend who does helmet and suit designs for other racers. http://javinladish.com/stuff/OktaneCubez.mov I never posted it on here, so I suppose a little feedback would be nice!
  11. Hah, thanks for the reply! I actually ended up using a still image of a GoKart-ist (one of my friends). I animated him drfting past the camera in After Effects, since it was a pretty quick drift (like maybe 15 frames), it ended up looking pretty sexy.
  12. Very rad work in there, a little long though. If you could find the song in an instrumental version that would probably be better too. I like the beat and melody, just the singing is distracting.
  13. I got it now. Just had to thicken the floor. Phew! Thanks.
  14. Yeah, it is really bizarre. I've tried the following things to fix it, and nothing has worked: 1.) Subdividing the cloned object and the floor. 2.) Selecting 'Use' in the Collision properties in the MoDynamics and upping the Margin. 3.) Upping the substeps of the MoDynamics properties in the settings. 4.) Thickening my cloned object. I do have a LOT of cloned objects though. Like 2100 I think. And they do intersect and stuff, but they still all fall without going crazy. They just head right through the floor. I'd appreciate if someone would take a look at the scene file I posted.
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