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    <p>I’m Thales Ribeiro. I’m a Digital Creative currently living in Sydney, Australia.</p> <p>Back in Brazil I started freelancing on small web design projects when I was at high school. During the last 6 years Iʼve been fortunate to have worked closely with some of the brightest minds in advertising and the webdesign industry both in Brazil as well as in Australia.</p>
  1. Hey guys, i've animated a few vectors inside Flash and imported them inside After Effects to apply some filters to it. I've set up the SWF to Continuously Rasterize in After Effects, but when i make the swf larger, it gets a weird crop on the right hand side. Another weird thing is that it only gets this weird crop when i;m previewing on a fullRes, whereas if i preview using half of the resolution or below, it get the full width swf. Does anybody know what might be causing this bug? the screenshots: full res: http://cl.ly/image/320l3H2Q3s2u quarter: http://cl.ly/image/0g0S0u0T3D32 Cheers, Thales Macedo
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