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  1. I have to agree here. I approached you guys from the wrong angle and it wasn't my intention at all. I basically just wanted to feature some reels on the blog and thought I should perhaps make a topic and ask if you guys would like to participate. BUT, like all of you stated I totally put it into the wrong context. My apologies for that.
  2. Yea, maybe you guys don't really run in the design circle? Just the motion graphics? Sites that are running in the design circles that are pretty popular are sites like Smashing Magazine, Abduzeedo, Spoongraphics, Colorburned, webdesignerdepot etc. Creativeoverflow is a blog about anything creative. Thus far we have only been writing Freelance Design related topics and doing illustrative, digital design roundups. The point I wanted to make over here is that I think it would be good for the community of readers to get some fresh and inspiring motion graphics related articles once in a while. Incorporate something new into the current blog, thus being motion graphic related articles. I think the readers would really enjoy the new field. This is why I asked you guys to drop your reels here, but it doesn't seem that the increased traffic really matter. That being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions
  3. I saw this trailer last week, the community raved about it quite a bit. I agree with Aroma, I'm not really a super hero fan either, simply because its usually waaayy too far fetched, but this draws me in. Pretty damn cool.
  4. What do you mean what's the point mate? Creativeoverflow is a Design Blog which has been running for quite a while already, we have never actually posted about 3D and I thought it would be good to hear if you guys wanted a bit more traffic to your portfolios. I guess none of you do, seeing that you guys think its a joke. Anyway, I have received some PM's from guys that are interested in bumping their traffic on their portfolios and I'll work with them. Cheers.
  5. (Let's try this again) Sup Everyone, I am looking to do a Reel Roundup on Creativeoverflow and wanted to know if any of you guys are willing to participate in the roundup? If you are just drop a link here to direct me to your reel and I'll post it in the roundup on Creativeoverflow. See ya, Jacques
  6. Its because you are viewing a different template Atom. Here is a link straight to the Free Template - Free After Effects Template: Light Show Pretty Rad Gyorfi. Keep it up mate.
  7. Yea mate that is exactly what he means. Ripping = Copying - NOT GOOD.
  8. Thanks for the links. I have been building my PC's Custom since I started, you are right it does save a lot of money. I will post up links to a saved shopping cart to show you what I will be buying. I have used Tom's Hardware in the Past for research on hardware. Thanks for the advice
  9. Haha, I haven't really been a MAC fan boy, so the difference in power delivery still remains unknown to me. I will be sticking to a PC. I have thought about putting together a Render Farm, as we do have quite a few still standing pc's this side which just needs upgrades in forms of CPU's and RAM. You are correct when you say not too knowledgeable regarding MAC's. Only thing I love about Apple is my iPhone 3GS. I will post out the system on here tomorrow which I will be getting. Laters
  10. Hey Everyone, How you all doing? Its time for me to buy yet another computer for the Agency and I'm not sure what I would like to get. We are currently PC users, but the rendering time on our latest PC that we bought the beginning of this year ain't that quick. I am looking to buy a beast this time. What do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something that handles Animation and 3D rendering well. I don't mind paying for quality! Do you guys suggest Mac Pro or a iMac or should I stick to PC and get a $5000 machine? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, I'm new here, don't know why I haven't joined earlier. I've been using Mograph as a Resource for quite some time. Cheers Jacques
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