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  1. http://vimeo.com/13974737 My thesis short film this short film is about psychopathology in human mind you can check out my thinking process here quasiprocess.tumblr.com/ thank for the comments
  2. ok, let's do it this way if I were you, I would not consider only technical skill even though it very necessary in motion/VFX industrial. if I got a very high-end quality of showreel that shocked people all over the world about my god skills, then i wouldn't feel so much proud about it. because no one is the best of technical skills in the world. in the other hand, what I concern and approach was about try my best to communicate interesting contents alongside aesthetic. that 's my point! my point is create a strong and impressive contents that everybody can understand, that's my point, not only showing oh! hey look I am a god of c4D , i'm so proud of it......ironic!! and if I were a Professor in 3D/motion class or i wanna hire someone, I would consider from fundamental to advanced, not only advance advance and advance! basic + good composition > advanced + crap composition for the 3D part, i try to improve my skills everyday, a lot of 3d works you saw, is for live visual performance (Dance Festival) and I working with pretty limited equipment and rather hard condition dude, if I got high end desktop and huge amount of time, i'm sure that everything will change I working only in 2D motion but just try to change in to 3D man after I learned from the tutorial, I will consider to experiment and keep that experiment match with the music on the live performance honestly i'm really new in c4D, but at least i'm sure that i not directly copy from the tutorials for the live action footage, if you get a pointless from my works, then I will try to understand from the eye of technician like you if I were u I will not judge like what you did, because it will make you look like retarded. And for the music, are you a designer ?, did you experience a experimental works before? don't be stick too much to Dtrukt style man, this is year 2010 not before BC. open dictionary and try to understand "experimental" and hey I'm intend too use this song not randomly pick it from itune I don't know how many experience you passed, but it's show that you only look at technical skill then may be I have to change my showreel title to technical skills showreel or conceptual showreel. I really appreciate your comments about technic, I know that's I'm so poor about technic right now I will improve myself more i know that you comment is very helpful if i have to work in the motion/VFX industrial and also with a big clients i just wanna explain what I think, maybe you not see what I see but you better keep you eye and your mind wider open dude! sorry for my bad english
  3. very stunning and harsh comment completely understand what you mean but audio = rave, visuals = bad acid trip. <<<< what's that mean actually my eng ain't good so pls explain me thanks
  4. Yes, you're right, if I have seen someone work like this, Chris Hewitt with no doubt but you said I making things look exactly or even really close to it, I didn't agree with this comment I didn't watch OFFF Lisbon while I shooting my thesis, Can I said it accidentally look like because of my mind by sight? it's like if you shooting stuffs on the light-box, will made your work look like Chris Hewitt's work?, seriously ? even my camera perspective also look like him?, can we copy someone else camera perspective? in fact because of Chris Hewitt did this stuff first, that why it make a very memorable in your mind even me, it still on my mind by sight as well that what I want to say, sorry if it a bit hard to understand, but I just what to say what I think after I read your comment, it very stimulate me to create my original, and it help me a lot your point is avoid to create something people did before. create original style is hard. but I'll try my best I will do my best to create my own impressive works thank for the comment hyp3
  5. hahaha sound like you know a lot of good stuffs in thailand, isn't it if you are interested may be we can talk soon thank for the compliment anyways
  6. For my thesis piece I also had a freedom to do everything I wish, if you had a chance to see my process and thinking process. you will notice that I created my original already, you all know that thesis is not that easy and I can say that I do a lot of hard work with my idea and the whole concept, and story come from my inside(my mind), even though the final piece is look a bit like the references. but before i color correction my footage, I start to experiment with a various style, and finally end up with the hospital feeling style (which you guys said i'm rip from Dstrukt) before I decide to go for video style which I really familiar with, I have a lot of strong contents (my advicers said that), and they ask me how can I communicate my strong contents to the audience. frankly I saw OFFF LISBON in 2008 and I started my thesis project on 2009, may be it still in my mind by the sight, that why some shot is still look like references at least not all of my thesis project are look like OFF LISBON though, and I have completely different content and subject compare to OFFF LISBON 2008 yeah I do agree, it look like what Dstrukt created (let's just said i'm not own my original in term of mood and style, but I do own in term of subject and contents ) but I wil improve myself and make it better next time sorry for my bad english
  7. In that part is my final thesis project, and OFFF lisbon from Dstrukt was just my mood and tone references. the real different is subject and object I used in my thesis, I mean it completely different in term of subject and point So u call this rip(copy) ??? Thanks for the comment
  8. it would be very nice for me if he can tell what part of my work is rip from Dstrukt
  9. my english skill is not that good i don't understand what do u mean nice rip sir? did u mean copy ? anyway thanks for the comment
  10. http://vimeo.com/12522505 Hi I'm Kittikhun, Thai Motion Designer Based in Bangkok, Thailand Here is my works compilation from 2009-2010 - Visual Live Performance Clips - TV Commercial - Personal Projects Hope guys like it Cheer! PS. please give me some constructive feedback sorry for my bad english
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