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  1. Has anyone every found or made file that this worked in? I tried setting something but never could crack it. Thanks!
  2. Chad

    RPF Files!!

    I just found the joy of rendering out RPF files from C4D for comping in After Effects. This is going to change the way I work. Why have I never heard of this work flow till now!? The fact that I have never seen anyone talk about using RPF files till now makes me wonder if there is a downfall to using RPF files. Anyone ever use them for work and run into any limitations?
  3. You do have to design the characters in a way to overlap so they look right when animated. Here is a PSD you can look at of one I did. Hope it helps! LINK
  4. Chad

    C4D Dynamics

    Can you explane further? Do you mean you want a collision object for just one cloner because its going to need to pass through another cloner?
  5. I used Duik IK script on a project where I needed to have walk cycles of multiple characters and animate hands with finger tips and all. It takes time getting use to setting up the IK joints but once your character is up and going it is sooooo much faster animating and less of a pan then just the old key-framing each limb at the same time. There is also a way to use it to setup at IK using the puppet tool so you can do sort of a snake animation of sorts. You can see some of this in action on the tutorial page. http://www.duduf.com/ressources/duik/en/tutos.html I have a draft of a demo reel that has some of the stuff I did with it. you will see it at 00:18 seconds in with the kid walking and the hand grabbing him. http://cl.ly/1F0R1q3N2w2z16293s3e I am a huge fan of the script just by the massive amount of time it has saved me and how easy it was to get smooth walk cycles compared to the other methods I have tried.
  6. Try the Xplode plugin by valkaari http://xplode.valkaari.com/en/xplode.php It's cheap and the best out there for breaking stuff. Once you get the plugin you can break apart your objects and use the matrix. Then you can use a preset of Thinking Particles wind effector that is in the preset browsers called "TP Planar Wind" and mess with the settings to get the wind to push it in the direction you want. If I remember right valkaari has a video showing how to do this also on his site. Good Luck!!
  7. It can be done in C4D. The fighting one by Onesize was done in Cinema. However the Philips Carsel one was done a bit different.
  8. The Chicago Cinema 4D meet-up did a very well starters guide of sorts for TP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S64lTwZ-G5Q&fmt=22
  9. Can you cheat it and group everything into a null in C4D and flip it?
  10. The AE to C4D plug-in doesn't export your camera focal range or the comp settings so all of that has to be changed in C4D. I researched it awhile ago about the camera coming in correctly because it always would be screwed up when ever I would try and the trick is to bake the camera movements and turn off auto rotate. Don't know why this is it just works. Bake Camera Script - http://cl.ly/391a3G0m3X2H2w1f2h1k I haven't done any 3D tracking then into C4D so I am not sure about the point cloud and all but I did see yesterday.http://blurrypixel.com/?p=239 Point cloud plug-in coming soon. Good luck!
  11. Under the render settings in the save tab there is an option to save a compositing project file. Just click all the boxes and change the program to AE. it will save an AE project with camera moves and all. Make sure you install the Cinema 4D exchange plugin so the AE saved file will work. Hope this helps!
  12. I have searched for awhile and can't find how to fix this for my set up. I am animating an 2D snake in C4D to bring to AE. I have the snake tongue as a separate object because I need to have the flexibility of it being separate in AE for a morph later down the road. When I put the controllers for the tongue in the hierarchy of the IK controllers for the snake or in the joints of the snake there is a delay in the position of the tongue. I have read there is a execution order of events you can change to fix this but everything I change never fixes the problem. I have even tried Xpresso and I have the same problem. Any ideas? the file is below. Thanks! http://cl.ly/1A001w2H0j251b0S3U0S
  13. Wacom Pen in left hand and right hand on the 1,2,3.... Never going back.
  14. Micheal Gochoco just released a script for this on AEscripts. http://aescripts.com...nted-transform/ Edit: Having an Error in CS4 using this. Anyone on CS3 or CS5 using it that it works with?
  15. I'll check those out thanks. I would love to code my own stuff to make it do what I want it to do the only problem is I know zero about coding.
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