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    I was born in Wooster, Ohio, grew up loving everything about skateboarding and photography, and now live in Pittsburgh, PA, working as a motion and vfx designer. Everyday is an adventure, and I love it.
  1. I believe I figured this out... If the person dropping the file into the watch folder leaves the finder window open for the watch folder, media encoder does not pick it up. Solution is as easy as having everyone get in the habit of closing the finder window. I'm assuming this is a network/computer issue, also, as Media Encoder is merely doing it's job correctly and not accessing the file while it's still being accessed by the source computer. As a side note, having another issue on the mac side with media encoder crashing when it gets the the autoFTP part of the process, but I'll be sure to get a detailed bug report in for you guys, Todd. I've also been submitting the bug reports that come up after it crashes (it sends to apple and then adobe also), is this sufficient? Or should I also report it at the link you provided? Thanks, appreciate the support!
  2. I just posted in the adobe forums, but I also wanted to reach out to everyone here, because I've had some great feedback from everyone on here! Basically, we have a dedicated computer set up with Adobe Media Encoder, and we set up several watch folders on a network drive. We have several files that must be several different codecs, so Media Encoder is really an awesome solution to this problem. However, the only problem we've been running into is sometimes Media Encoder doesn't actually watch a folder. For example, we have a "For web" folder and a "For VOD" folder. The for web folder has had absolutely no problems as far as watching and pulling in goes. The "For VOD" will sometimes not pick up files, but if media encoder is closed and then reopened, it picks up all of the files in that folder, but then again, will not pick up additional files in that folder. The Media Encoder machine is running on Windows 7 (due to one of the codecs being Windows only), while all of the other machines in the department aremacs. I have tested setting up the same system on one of our macs and we get the same problem. We are using an SMB network, but also have DAVE clients on all of our macs. My initial theories are that it's either: A.) Something with the network, or B.) Something on the computer interupting the network connection. One of the IT guys briefly checked out the situation, changed around some network settings, and concluded that it must be an issue within Media Encoder itself. Also, as a side note, I did check for updates with Adobe updater and everything is up to date. Any ideas would be fantastic! And sorry if I'm leaving out crucial information in order to solve our situation, I'm not sure what all would be relevant, but just let me know what you would need! Thank you!
  3. Is there any software out there to do this? I need something that will watch my work drive, and when something new is saved there, automatically save it to a drive on the network. Also, something that wouldn't try to move files that are in use would probably be preferable. This is on a mac. Thanks!
  4. I reduced the number of cores used to 8, half of what I have available to use. Same issue with AE just locking up randomly. Bug? Or hard drive configuration? If it's most likely hard drive, what would be the best setup?
  5. Awesome, great suggestion, as I am just using sata. Also, brings up a good point that I'm only using one physical hard drive, with software on one partition and project files on a larger partition. This seems as if it would be he issue, the only question I have is will this cause AE to completely lock up (to where I have to force close it once I get back into the office, it being frozen for a number of hours)? Seems highly possible, just want to confirm. Thank you!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm running into an issue where, when I set up large render queues, it ends up freezing part-way through. I'm using After Effects CS4, using multi-threading, leaving 8gb of ram for other applications, and have chosen to use 10 cores. I'm on MaxOSX 10.6.4 2 x 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 All of my files are local, so it's not a network issue. I'm also using a 3rd party plug-in, 3D invigorator PRO, in all instances. It's random as far as when it happens in the queue, and I've tried restarted before setting to render, and also am solely running AE when I set to render. Is this just a 10.6.4 issue? Any fixes, work-arounds, partial solutions?
  7. Go to the point in your comp where the graphic is no longer visible and trim that graphic layer Alt+] will trim the end Alt+[ will trim the beginning
  8. You could just split that layer at 5 seconds, disable the expression the new layer, and keyframe the opacity, yeah?
  9. Do you have the resources to make a trip out to a local retail store to take the photos of the products yourself?
  10. After you covert it in AE and the ancor point gets all screwed up, are you not able to move it where you want it? If you can't, then parent it to a null object with the anchor point where you want it and animate using the null.
  11. Check this reel out: http://robbybranham.com/generalist.html Focus on how he breaks down each show in an aesthetically pleasing way, having wipes of mesh within the final shot. Check out other demo reels, too. Also, if for some reason you do need to place text in your reel, keep it within title safe areas. Not that it's gonna get cut off playing it here on the internet, it just looks better design-wise. You have some nice models in there, I'd just like to see them all taken a few steps further.
  12. Thank you for your critiques! I will definitely check out stop stealing sheep. The breakdown in the beginning is showing that the footage was tracked, to give the camera a different personality, and the breakdown at the end is showing the matte I extracted through rotoscoping the footage. Here's links to the full length videos, if you're interested: The Incline - Wait! Kellee Maize - Godette
  13. Hello everyone! I'm putting together my demo reel for graduation, and would really appreciate some feedback: http://vimeo.com/13938353 Thank you!
  14. Yeah I gave up on auto-save; it always seems to happen during a peak in creativity/productivity, too. Like you're saying, it's especially annoying with large projects. I stick with the habitual cmd+s, cmd+shift+s at milestones, but if it's possible to have it going on in the background, that would be pretty awesome. Sign me up for the mailing list on that one.
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