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  1. Thank you! This was such a fun project to do and try new techniques on.
  2. Just finished working on a projection map and decided to go ahead and make a little behind the scenes video about how we put it together.
  3. Hey guys. Just finished projection mapping a building and thought I'd share. I wish I would have had more than a week to make it happen, because there would have been so much more I could have done with it. Anyway, check out 4:58. It's my ode to Mograph Balls. So simple, yet so fun on a building. It got good press on CBS nationally, so I'm pretty happy about that. Can't wait to get more opportunities to do this kind of work and actually spend months instead of days.
  4. That was exactly what I was looking for, Monkey. Thank you so much. I owe you some whiskey. :-p
  5. I work at a firm that does tons of commercial animations to jingles. We recently upgraded to C4d 13 and now I'm having audio issues. My normal workflow includes animating a client's logo to the words in the jingle. C4D 12 would playback audio when playing back on the timeline flawlessly. With Ver 13, it stops and stutters as if it's compensating for lag in the video playback. I've even tried playing back with just a wireframe to no avail. I think the issue comes from the way C4D plays back. In Ver 12, the viewport would skip frames and become choppy in order to keep time a priority. Now it concentrates on displaying every frame. Hence, the audio skipping backwards to catch up with itself. Does anyone know if there are priority options of some sort that would help fix this issue?
  6. Have you guys been hacked? Every once and a while when I click to go to your site from a Google search, I get this.... After that, I don't get it anymore until I stay away from your site for a while. I don't have malware. I'm on a Mac and it happens everywhere. http://twitpic.com/6euyw3
  7. This is a behind the scenes video I put together on how we pulled of an elaborate concert countdown with multiple screens, timecode based lighting cues and stereo sound effects. I always enjoy seeing cool ways people use C4D and AE in special scenarios, and thought this might be a good break from the usual demo reels. I also figured you guys would appreciate the technical side of something like this. It was a blast to work on.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to write. I know I need to work on the type stuff. Thanks for the book references. I've been looking for some sort of references. I started as a video guy and kind of got thrown into the graphics stuff over the years, so I never had the formal training I wish I had back in school. That being said, that's why my site has so much stuff on it. For work, I've always been a tech "go-to" guy, which I really don't like and I'm trying to transition into new things, but have been to busy to really update everything. I'm sure you know how that goes. I totally see what you're saying, though. Thanks again! By the way, love your reel. Are you a C4D person for 3D or do you use something else?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Which clips would you say look the most unfinished? I'd like to know which ones you guys think are the better ones and which ones need work.
  10. Here's my new reel. http://vimeo.com/21782232 I have a bunch of things I left out, per the advise of Mograph users last year. Mostly things that are motion tracking, live action and the like. They did't really fit with the other animations. <br />I wanted to put at least something together since I have a bunch of new stuff. I guess what I'm really looking for is suggestions on what to take out of this reel for the next go-round.<br />I'd like to think it's kind of diverse since it's works of my own and for client's projects all mixed together. Looking forward to positive, constructive crit.
  11. Looks nice, but I'd cut it down to 30 seconds. That's what I plan to do with my 2011 reel. 30 seconds is the new minute, lol.
  12. Dave Koss

    Reel 2011

    I like what you have so far, but everything has the same look. I would try and come up with some other types of graphics that add variety to your reel. Maybe try doing some of Greyscalegorilla.com's 5 second projects in order to try some new techniques.
  13. I hear R12 specifically does this better now. I think it's the surface deformer?
  14. Here is a breakdown of a ball sorting machine I've made. Kind of a good time waster if you're in the mood. It takes my love of C4D and combines it with a puzzle in a way. I would love to see other people's versions of a sorting machine. I'm sure there's a thousand ways to do it. Some of it is finding creative ways to sort, and some of it is finding cool looking ways to do it. It's a little vague cause if I went though every little detail it would take hours, but fun none the less. Vimeo Link
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