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  1. Stardust will save you so much time.
  2. I was wondering if any of you nice sirs know any way of achieving the stop motion ¨feel¨of animating on 2´s or 3´s. There is CV stopmotion from Cineversity but I don´t plan on paying a forced 12 month subscription. Any ideas other than animating at 6-12fps with hold keyframes?
  3. "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams. After reading that book and practicing it's contents you will be good to go.
  4. irvingd

    Tasty Visuals

    Awesome style! I remember seeing your daft punk helmet video some time ago too.
  5. http://www.cartoonsmart.com/free_index.php5 Look into this and email him about the character models, I couldnt find them in the site but I remember he had some really good quality characters.
  6. irvingd

    Nike Promo Project

    I wish there was more camera movement and easing around the objects. Try planning the scene so there's more continuity as well as more sync with the music.
  7. irvingd

    Scot Pilgrim

    Loved the story and the visual style of the movie, the vfx and motion graphics were top notch. Lately special effects in movies leave me wanting to see something crazier or innovative, to give that WTF factor. I remember how I wanted to stop the movie, rewind it and analyze it FBF to figure out how they made some shots. Truly amazing work here, delivered mostly by Double Negative studios I think.
  8. I just started a digital design program and the computers have crashed on me several times while working on c4d and AE projects, so I'm thinking on getting a laptop to do all of this cool stuff. Any suggestions? Which laptops do you guys have or which one have you heard about that runs nicely for a smooth C4D and AE workflow?
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