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  1. So far I have found out about two projects of mine being replicated ... They weren't to the same level so I am fine with it .. I think the original piece will always be more relevant rather than forced .. for example the FITC ripoff you posted seems out of context when used the way it was while it seemed more natural and relevant when Ash did it I think it's good to see other's trying to copy your work , it gives you an idea of how influencial your work is and is satisfying in an egotistical kind of way , Credits could be great but I don't force anyone to credit me .. Some people ask me for permission to do case studies of some of my older work .. that is great too I myself try and always reference the original reference in the description but I never end up replicating it anyway and I was never put in a situation that merited that ... The end file is usually 70-80 % off the original source material anyway my research method is getting refined now and it's more about fusion and trying to be more mindful about what I use .. I try and adapt what I use to what I am looking for .. if it doesn't work I don't use it just because it looks good On Vimeo I try and leave links in the comments if I find someone is not crediting people properly but not really much more I would do
  2. There was an old youtube series I think that broke car rigging down .. I think you need to simplify your rig and use some sort of low detail proxy for the dynamics and then link everything in
  3. Glad you liked these .. what did you think of the big short ? I liked it in a very weird way .. it left a very strong after taste although I didn't enjoy it to start with but it drove me to read a lot about the financial crisis and eventually made me more educated about the subject Also Kung Fu Panda has some awesome visuals , definitely worth watching too
  4. Awesome insight dude Totally agree , I just tried this today .. The client asked me straight out of the bat what I will charge with this , I went with my gut and thought of the highest realistic number I could think of and then just added more to it .. It might still be lower than what others might charge but it's roughly 2x what I used to charge and this is a recurring client so I wanted to do this a bit gradually Question though .. do you negotiate your rates ? and how far do you go ? I have been given a price a but lower than what I am asking but still refused it .. I explained why I priced it that way .. I added in the costs of online rendering , the time I will be spending after my full-time job and thus no sleep as well as possible weekends and the rushed nature of the project Client was more understanding than I though
  5. That is looking really good .. also take a look at eyedesyn's (EJ Hassenfratz) website for some sketch and toon look to do this in 3D .. He has been posting tutorials about this for a long time now , really great stuff
  6. I like the idea , it can also be reasonably priced or maybe free and open like Linux is ... This can be something people use for side projects if the OS is free and maybe it comes on a hardward that is relatively cheap people can use it in a pipeline like they would use a wacom for example or a 3D Mouse and a regular mouse , they essentialy all do the same thing but people use them in different scenarios There is a lot of good software on Linux , Blender is a real heavy weight and some people already use it on Windows so maybe they will be early adapters , you have GIMP ofcourse that is just as good as photoshop for the basic stuff but the thing is since most of these are seperate projects there is not much integration between them as for example you see across the adobe platform so you can use ai files in PS and PS files in AE as well as all the stuff you can do with them outside the original software so I think the number one priority should be to bring together all these various software into one place and come up with ways to create a pipeline between them ... Get the best image editing with the best editing suite , the best 3d software and so on and create a bundle of some sort that can be streamlined and enhanced with a good UI because the UI on apps like GIMP was really weird , on the other hand for example something liek Aamarok looked much ahead of anything on windows So once again 1- Unify the software experience 2-Unify the User Interface 3-Build the bundle then test it and build it , it's not such a bad idea .. I think I see it though as a OS on the side , not my main OS . maybe in a tablet environment next to my workstation where I can mockup things quickly , maybe model , etc ... so that basically you are on the OS when you are working alone but when you want to get to another computer that would be done through windows On a side note , I don't know why Houdini gave me the Linux vibe with its' sound effects and windows , and of all the big players out there I think they are the best people to get on board with this You have an interesting idea Aleksey , if there is any way I can help let me know or drop me a message
  7. depends how good you are at the software and how complicated the shapes are .. If you wanna go all AE then some Strokes and trim paths can go a long way into achiecing that as well as for the stroke animation there is no one button to do that you will just have to work with shapes layers and combines shapes to get the look you want PS : you can always draw you stuff in illustrator , layer it properly and convert it into shape layers in AE and start from there
  8. Cheers for pinning this here , almost forgoth about this
  9. For the last week I have been trying to get my animation timing just right on a proecjt I am working on only to be asked to retime the whole thing based on a modified version of the VO .. this can be a huge pain since animation is done all over the place on tags , materials , settings as well as the object itself and a lot of it is in complex hierarchies so I had to figure out a way to show the tracks of everything in the scene .. and the best and fastest way to do this is to go to the view menu in the Timeline window and turn automatic mode on and you will have access to everything animated tags , materials and all .. turn show animated off and you have access to everything including render settings , etc .... This option is turned on by default (the automatic mode) but the gotcha of all of this and why sometimes we might miss it is that when you right click on an object or tag and choose show tracks it gets turned off by default and stays that way till you open a new scene or start C4D again so that is why you sometimes might miss it Related posts that helped me : http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/30545-some1-has-to-no-how-to-move-mass-keyframes/
  10. I try and be in charge of the music , I usually have a theme for my animation and pick a music to go with that . Iblock my animation then pick the song and start fine tuning my animation to match any hits , bursts , stretching , etc .. in the music but to start with I have a clear vision of how the piece will look , is it Grandiose ? Is it fast ? Is it funky ? etc .. all can help you pick the music
  11. I don't remember something specific to link you back to but I can tell you how I can define motion graphics artists (if they are the same as producers) . A typical project in a mograph artists's life would start with a brief and initial contact with the client . it then kicks off into setting up the agreements and paper work that the artist has to do , then you move to story boarding that the artist also has to do , then you move to style framing and look development the mographer has to do as we.. When production starts it will be up to you to model and research to get all the assets you need , then animate , light and texture your stuff . Once all that is done you will be expected to do the sound design as well and finetune (AKA edit) your piece and take care of making it online and then getting in touch with the client again . Of course you will hire people to help you when you are getting more work but what I am trying to tell you is that being a mograph artist involves a lot of everything and you should be prepared for that
  12. Zickar

    Help with shapes

    Did you offset the anchor point of the shape ?
  13. I have the same issue with 2014 , what I would do is press the CAPS lock on and then use alt-tab to switch through open windows in Windows , go to another window , and then use alt-tab to switch back to AE , usually it works for me
  14. In no specific order here are what I would recommend and always like to watch 1-The Squid and The Whale 2-American Hot Wax 3-Fight Club 4-Rock n Rolla 5-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Gondry's visual style is brilliant) 6- Pi , Requelm for a dream and The Fountain (Before Aronofsky became such a hot shot) 7-Insomnia 8-The Sixth Sense 9-The Trotsky 10-The Lincoln Lawyer 11-Pursuit of Happiness 12-Garden State 13-The Dark Knight (only film worth watching in the Batman Franchise) 14-Secret Window 15-Midnight in Paris 16-A series of musfortunate events 17-The Truman Show 18-Django 19-Life of Pi (Must watch a few times at least) More to come when I can remember
  15. Rigging in Cinema 4D , the best practices for rigging a character in CInema 4D
  16. I need this for an upcoming project and I am thinking about trying the trace effect in illustrator , I will render images and then use the trace option in illustrator to give them that hand drawn look , the workflow seems flawless in my head but I guess I'll have to see how it turns out ... will keep you updated
  17. Trunk by Kings of Leon , have been my favorite band for some time now
  18. @ Davor , well the problem is that the camera is always moving and it's not the same cubes that you'd want to hide or show all the time
  19. Thanks for the answer , I tried tweaking it in render settings but I could only control the reflection and not the refraction ...
  20. Hi , I was wondering if there is anyway to limit the depth of transparency in cinema 4D so that for example if you have five transparent cubes behind each other and you want the first cube to only show two cubes behind it all the time . Is there a way to do that ? Can this be done with absorption distance or any other way
  21. maybe a cloner with a shader effector ? and If I were you I would model every part seperate specially since he has a loego man like anatomy so even in the animation I would imagine his limbs would be stiff and not very interconnected
  22. Never mind , problem fixed ... Silly on my end
  23. I'm trying to use the pDraw in Cinema 4D but for some reason it just isn't working . At first I thought that it just wasn't displaying and I checked the count and it also is empty although I'm drawing . Now I haven't used pDraw fot a long time so I'm not sure if there are any changes or problems to the way it acts
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