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  1. Finally i got it. Still have minor issues to deal with but the actual morphing just happened. Thank you Dan.
  2. i am talking about that. it was changing with an animation rather than just changing in one frame.. i've take look at it with inheritance but in the first sight couldn't figure it out. i'll take a look in a more free time.. :/
  3. I tried changing the object by keyframing the object field but it didn't work.. does it work for you?
  4. Hi, I saw a tutorial about cloner object mode sometime ago and can't find it anywhere. The guy was keyframing the object of the cloner object when it is object mode, so clones were getting the shape of that object and after like 50 frames he was changing the object in the object slot. So the clones were first taking the shape of a sphere and then a pyramid and so on. So it wa looking like spherecal clones were morphing into a pyrsmid shape. Could i explain it? I couldnt figure out how to achive that. Does anybody knows? Thank you.
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