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  1. thats basically the same as render queue for what im doing, if not more time consuming. didnt think about just setting different render settings, thanks!! i know it'd be something easy
  2. I end up doing this a lot, so I figured I'd see if anyone has a good fix for this. I'll have a 300 frame project with a sponsor logo, and when I get a new sponsor logo, I only really need to change out frames 50-100 and 200-250 or whatever. Right now, I've been just creating multiple projects with different render settings and setting those to go in the Render Queue. This is just kinda an annoying workaround, didn't know if anyone had a script or anything to render that in one project. Thanks!
  3. Not sure why I can't figure this out. I have a bunch of planes with cutout action photos on them, using the alpha channel to cut them out (which is really insanely easily in CC with Cineware, btw). But my problem is the shadow/AO shows for the entire plane, not just the cutout part. There's gotta be something small I'm missing, right?
  4. Hate to latch onto this thread, but don't want to create a new one. Is there a way to either a) queue up a bunch of bakes? or bake texture with a python command? b would be better, but a works too
  5. Does anyone have a good workflow for going back and forth between the apps? We have a (bought) model that is in 3DS Max with VRay. The plan is to bake the textures and export the model to OBJ that C4D can then use. I'm pretty much just going to be animating the camera in C4D, and then try and send the camera back to 3DS Max so it can export the scene with camera data with another plugin that then allows it to be imported into our realtime 3D engine. I've never used VRay, so I have no idea how those textures work. I'm just assuming we'd have to bake it out. Another possibility would be exporting the camera data from C4D and not having to go back to 3DS Max, but there is currently no easy solution for that, so I'd have to mess around with different camera data exports and making those work in the realtime engine. Any thoughts?
  6. That's not really what I'm looking for at all, I understand it was just an example. By doing exactly what you said, it's still not what I am looking for I understand most simple dynamics stuff, and I've seen the majority of the info on collisions and the such. I'd love to discuss this more with you, do you have a chat protocol or IRC or anything? I don't wanna clutter up the forum. I'll post a result and how I got there if people want.
  7. Trying to do a pretty simple animation, and actually found a GSG tutorial that is almost exactly what I am trying to do. It's the one with the spinning cubes. Spinning animation aside, I'm mainly trying to randomize the x/y size of the cubes, without them intersecting. Going to be animating the z scale randomly (or semi-randomly), but I want the initial cubes to be random sized. I've searched all over, but can't find anything online regarding mograph cloners and dynamics like this. I've tried adding rigid body tags, etc, but can't get anything to work. Trying to get the basic animation done this week so we can have the animations by NAB.
  8. I swear I've seen a script/plugin that takes text layers and creates one per letter or word. Anyone have a link, or am I just completely making that up? Thanks for any help
  9. I just recently stopped splitting time between a PC with dual monitors and my 2010 MBP to go to only the MBP. Runs like a champ, and haven't found anything I really hate doing on it. I'm considering getting one of the 2010 iMacs now that they're way cheaper, and you can use them as a secondary monitor for about $500 more than a 27" ACD
  10. Ah, I wasn't in the Film program, I did Digital Art & Design (formerly Digital Media) Only 2 months of mograph and 2 months of 3D (in 3ds max that I haven't used since), but I still think it was a better choice over film.
  11. Yeah, tutorials in reels are actually one of my biggest pet peeves. Not really sure why I left that stuff in, it's actually older stuff that was sorta made in a hurry and worked for what i needed. Definitely part of the 10% of the older stuff I left in. A lot of the repetitiousness is probably due to the fact that it is 99% UCF stuff (where I have worked for the past 15 months), and I'm forced to use black&gold on most everything. Thanks for the comments, I'm going to try and go through this weekend and pull some stuff out and lengthen some clips so it doesn't seem so long. It was one of those things where I started with the footage I had on my home computer already and brought stuff from work as I found it, and didn't really spend time taking older stuff out, just cramming more in. What did you do at Full Sail exactly? Would I have known you in my time there? Again thanks for the comments guys, hopefully I don't sound like I'm trying to make excuses, I tend to sound like that when I try and explain reasoning.
  12. http://vimeo.com/19422047 Just put up my latest reel. 90% stuff I've done in the last 5 months. I've done a LOT of non-demo reel worthy stuff (client decision/speed), but this is stuff I felt worthy. I realize it's not amazing, so please, tear me a new one and let me know where to get better. Been using after effects coming up on 2.5 years, but don't take that into account when critiquing. Thanks.
  13. Hmm, thanks. This was my first reaction when I initially started the project, but could never get the objects to match up properly. Will give it a go this weekend, and see how it turns out. It was very eerie the timing of your PlaneSmart tutorial along with this project. Thanks a ton for it, it's saved me a lot of time. We're still on 11.5, so mesh deformer won't work. We just got 11.5 in november, so I should call up Maxon and see if we can upgrade. Oh budgets, how great are ye.
  14. Sorry to bring up an old topic, but The Monkey answering in it and actually doing a tutorial on this recently corresponding with one of my projects I would rather reply here than create a new topic. I created a page turn animation, and made it a LOT better with xrefs, and a better bend deformer animation thanks to a recent tutorial by The Monkey. The only problem I'm having is we want to add reallly dynamics to that magazine/book so it falls onto a plane before it starts to open. I'm in no way a Cinema4D guru, and am pretty new to xrefs and dynamics, but I know there's gotta be a way to do it. I can upload a real simple version of the project if someone wants to check it out. I basically have an the whole book animation as an xref inside a cloner object set as rigid boy with the plane. When it hits the plane, it goes crazy and starts going under the plane. Any help would be awesome.
  15. Well, I ended up turning the planes to +Z orientation, and setting them that way and they worked great. Not sure if this is a bug or something that's missing from all the C4D to AE tutorials or what.
  16. I have a verrry simple scene (can post a file if needed), and I have 3 planes that I put external compositing tags on and turn the solid on at the exact size. When I render and export this to AE, those solids are turned 90 degrees. This wouldn't be a huge deal, but the soilds are already turned in an angle themselves, and just a simple 90degree rotation of one of the axes in AE doesn't work. I saw a comment on another site about how this was happened, but no explanation of why or how to fix it. Any help would be awesome. Thannks.
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