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  1. Hmmm... actually just seen in the bear feats tests that the 12 core is actually significantly (x2+) faster than the i7 imac in AE... so maybe are back on for the 12 core ok ill shut up now.
  2. yeah, I know, there always are and always will be anyway thanks guys for the answers - I'd really love the 12 core, but since I do so little editing (and dont want to start) I just dont think I need the expandability/disk speed etc - the 12 core machine with 24gb RAM AND a new screen is gonna cost way over twice the price of a i7 imac with 16gb - for not MUCH more performance... The Hackintosh is tempting - but stoopid right brain is just too scared of getting technical - and my idea of technical is installing a capture card
  3. Hi all, Im in the process of sticking it to the man, going it alone, flying solo (well, with my partner) and starting a creative production biz, multidisciplinary rather than specialised, reflecting the jack of all trades nature of my skillset... Consequently Im in the lucky and envious position of having a fair stack of cash to spend on some new equipment - we already have a 27' imac i7 quad core which is to be used by my partner as her work is principally photography and a little HD editing - but I now need to get a machine for myself for: - approx 20-30% low processor intensive (production management, script/copy writing, general admin) - approx 20-30% traditional design work (photoshop, illustrator) - approx 30-40% mograph/editing (tho' im a relative noob here 3 years experience with AE, 2 years with C4D) Edit: I just wrote the longest, most confusing question about graphics cards, RAM, processor threads... which i decided to edit down to the following: How would you spend the money? I know its open-ended question, and its tempting to say "get a 12 core machine with 32 gig RAM" but, well when its your own money - in the past ive usually worked on the maxim of getting the second best machine and filling it with RAM (eg 8 core, 24 gig RAM), as the very top of the line tends to give you not that much more performance for a lot more cash... ...part of me is even tempted, dare i say it, to get a 27 imac with 16gig of RAM, which will probably cover most of my needs and free up some cash to spend elsewhere (if RED ever release that damned Scarlett ... and if I outgrow it I can always upgrade... I apologize for the convoluted nature of the question, just reflects how my mind is spinning on this at the moment... anyway, any help, links, advice, much appreciated Elin
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