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  1. C4D (v12) question: When I have objects with animated rotation keyframes, the rotation animation becomes canceled when I put a dynamics body tag on that object. Is there any way to retain the rotation animation, and have the rotating object still remain dynamic? I've played a bit with the connectors, forces and the motor, but I can't get the movement I need without animating the rotation. Thanks much!
  2. I have, and even when I send the dampening through the roof immediately after the main dynamics simulation ends, there are still about 40-50 frames of X/Z before the movement abruptly stops. If I assign the X/Z values as real numbers w/ xpresso, would that conflict with the dynamics simulation and confuse C4D? (I'm playing with that now to find out...)
  3. C4D question: Is there a way to constrain movement on a specified axis while using dynamics? I have a series of blocks falling, and I only want to have them move on the Y axis. I used a connector object for all of the blocks (set to the slider type on the Y axis), but after the blocks fall, they still move on the X and Z axis and never quite sit still. All of the searching on dynamic constraints has only turned up constraining splines using the tag for hair dynamics. If there is a way to just "turn off" the dynamics to have the blocks settle in this simulation after they fall, that would work as well. I've tried animating the gravity and mass, but too much force just crushes and disrupts the blocks. Thanks much!
  4. That wasn't my projection camera in the lined-up version, it was just a flat plane that I used as a background object to make the model. No worries though, I've found a work-around and it's working great! Thanks much!
  5. I'm working on a camera projection of a basketball player in C4D. I have the model set up, which was matched to the back view: http://litteritcher.com/ms/bball1.jpg http://litteritcher.com/ms/bball2.jpg I'm running into issues with the projection. When I project the image on to the model, since the arms and legs are not on a flat plane, the projection distorts and falls off. http://litteritcher.com/ms/bball3.jpg http://litteritcher.com/ms/bball4.jpg Is there any way to assign the flat material on the back view to the on the model? Or do I need to keep tweaking the model to be more aligned with a 2D plane, such as trying to keep the arms straighter? (I understand that I need to clone out the edges of the image out, of course). Thanks much!
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