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  1. Dang! That thing looks awesome! Is it a spaceship! No wires? cool! Although I thought my Cinebench scores would be better, it looks awesome (IMO) to see 32 squares rendering away. http://www.imagebam.com/image/9f5b87173005932
  2. I can speak from experience. No. that's not enough if you plan on using anything besides MS Word. I had a 120 GB SSD drive. I installed CS5 Production Prem. and C4D. I installed a couple other light-weight programs and my hard drive was always red in the "my computer" section. I tried and tried to keep it down, but I was always within 5GB of going over. If you ever drop footage files on your desktop to just test something, then you never have enough space. (I ended up remapping all my Doc folders, desktop, photos, etc. to my 3TB drive, so there is a little fix). But really, having to watch your hard drive for a measly 5GB is like being on the worst diet of your life... always having to count the calories, etc. Not even ONE french fry, got it, Chubby? Trust me, you'll be upset with yourself for the rest of your entire life.... If you have Windows 7 or OSX on there, you're essentially toast UNLESS you can be 100% certain that you're not going to touch the drive for ANYTHING... Another thing, when you're un-raring or un-zipping folders with Win-Rar and they are bigger than you 5GB free space on your C: drive, you won't be able to unzip anything. I'm sure there's a fix out there somewhere, but I never found it. I never actually looked. After 1 week I decided that it was too much of a hassle for me so I returned the drive to Amazon. The whole point of getting an SSD drive was to speed up my work process and it actually ended up costing me more time in the long run because I was always having to figure out work-arounds. I got a 250GB drive and I'm still careful what I put on there and I only have 30GB free. But I haven't had to be so careful. I can enjoy my computing experience. FOR ME, it's worth the extra dough to get the next size up. Even a 160GB might give you enough buffer. You might be able to eat a small french fry order Micky-D's every so often. 250GB will get you Supersized fries. I just saw your on OSX, so I'm not sure of that OS's size requirments, but if it's anything like what Windows 7 states as minimum, DOUBLE it.
  3. New chips are installed. Now I'm running 2 AMD 6272s at 16-cores each and 64GB ram. Cinebench scores are now at 13.17. I was hoping for a bigger improvement than that, but it's faster than my overclocked 4.2Ghz i7 980x with 24 GB. It has a 10.54 Cinebench score. There's certainly something magical watching 32 squares light up when rendering in Cinebench! I'll have to post a pic later.
  4. I've got some preliminary results for those who might be interested. I'm still tweaking, but thus far our Cinebench 11.5 results are only so-so. CPU score of 9.21. My overclocked i980x 24GB ram is a lot faster in the tests. I don't have those numbers in front of me. I am able to render real-world, heavy AE projects as fast as the i7 980x, but not significantly faster. I guess when you do a dollar for dollar comparison, a 980x is $1100 (USD) and TWO AMD 6128s are $550 for both. So for the $500 in savings, it's not so shabby. I'll be doing some real-world C4D renders tomorrow. Thursday I'm getting two 6272 16-core processors to throw in there to possibly replace these 6128s. That will be 32-cores. We'll see how that goes. With 32 cores, my core-to-memory ratio drops from 1:4 to 1:2.
  5. None at the moment (just motherboard VGA-out). But I have a GTX 470 from another computer I was planning on putting in there. Surely the graphics card will help with After Effects and Premiere renders, I suppose.
  6. Thanks, guys. Is throwing in an Nvidia GTX 470, 480, or 580 going to help much?
  7. We just got a server that is loaded with 2 AMD Opteron 8-core CPUs (2.0 Ghz) and 64 GB of ram. It's primary function is as a server, but since we will already have it, I was curious how C4D and AE would act in that type of environment. Can they handle real 16 cores and that much RAM? Is it a waste?
  8. Is there any way to display a stretched version of the an audio clip's waveform in C4D? I'm cutting together a longer piece and the cuts need to happen exactly on the audio beats, but it's hard to see where they actually occur since the waveform is scrunched up. I want to stretch it vertically like I would do in Premiere or Pro Tools. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about http://dl.dropbox.co...831/Capture.PNG I'm on R13, if that matters.
  9. That was it, Tim. Thanks! There was an old version of the plugin sitting in the commons folder. No idea how it got there, but it was the culprit. I deleted that and now the plugin works as expected.
  10. Hopefully someone here can point me to the obvious that I hope I'm overlooking. For some reason I cannot get the C4D plugin to work on my main monster computer. I have been able to install it as part of a trouble shooting venture on 3 other computers (old laptops, etc.), and everything works just fine. But for some reason, I cannot get AE to import the AEC file C4D creates. I have the latest R13 plugin from here http://www.maxon.net/downloads/updates/plugins.html working on CS5.5 on Windows 7. I have searched around online and haven't seen anyone else with the problem. And since was able to get it to work on 3 other temp. installs, I'm left to conclude that it's my computer or something with my AE install. I have uninstalled all of CS5.5 and reinstalled it, but to no avail. Any other suggestions? I know for a fact I am installing the plugins in the correct folders as I have it working on other computers AND the new After Effects "Export to C4D" works just fine. The one that doesn't work is the import AEC file from inside AE that wont' do anything. I click the AEC file to open, AE acts as if it's opening it and then does nothing. It doesn't add any comps, cams, sequences, or anything else that it's supposed from my multi-pass render.
  11. I upgraded to R13 since it is supposed to support 29.97 now. I'm beginning to wonder if i misunderstood what Maxon mean when they said it now supports 29.97. I don't want to just EXPORT in 29.97, I want to WORK in a 29.97 project with 29.97 imported footage. When I go to the Project Settings, my FPS options are 29 and 30, just like with R12. No 29.97 option. If I type in 29.97 it automatically drops it back down to 29. Same thing happens when I import video footage. It either interprets it as 29 or 30, but never 29.97. Ugh! Anything simple I'm overlooking, or does R13 not really support 29.97 projects? Thanks, Bob
  12. Hi all, Anyone have any pointers on working with a chroma-keyed green treadmill on a greenscreen? I've got a shoot coming up of a full body action shot of a person walking over 8 seconds while the camera dollies around in a semi-circle about 120-degrees. I need to build a virtual set around the actor (no problem), but I will need to keep the feet from doing the moonwalk and slipping all over the place. I have tracking markers set up on the greenscreen walls , but the issue I'm struggling with is how to track the exact speed the actor is walking and keep their feet on the CG ground from sliding. I have thought about putting little tracker marks on the treadmill belt, but that's about all I can think of to help keep the feet glued to the ground. Any other ideas?
  13. Here is the revised version based on your comments (as much as possible). http://vimeo.com/16688562 We are waiting on one last sound effect of crumping paper at the end. I addressed: The rainbow scene (made rainbow go over couch) Pacing--taking out slower parts (except ending) Replaced lowrez clips (bus, etc.) smoothed out transitions Added some "weight" in the kitchen dolly shot with sky replacement and bus in background Tried to smooth out shaky camera moves without loosing resolution Thanks everyone for their comments. Your a hard crowd, but I'd rather hear the straight talk than have my mom tell me how wonderful it is! HAHA! For those of you who just said "it sucks," I would like to kindly ask you to please tell me exactly where it sucks and why. My goal as I learn graphics is to get better. I don't mind if you tell me it really sucks; that's how I grow, and that's what I want. But what areas specifically suck? Not being a jerk, just think that "it sucks" is a worthless critique. A lot of you said where it sucks and I truly appreciate it!
  14. Any comments on these camera movements? Suggestions? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2900108/feeback%20pass%203.mp4
  15. Thanks everyone for your comments, even the blow to the head. (Did I mention I had a bulletproof helmet too?). I am taking everything into consideration and redoing the parts that I can at this point. I will post an update when it's done.
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