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  1. Planetfour- well articulated and I couldn't agree more!
  2. Has anyone heard (or know anything about) the design agency that won the new Comedy Central Rebrand? I saw the new logo yesterday. I want to love it but I just can't, well not yet at least. http://dennytu.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/the-inside-scoop-on-comedy-centrals-2011-new-look/ Anyone else have thoughts on it?
  3. Adding to the list: Televisual http://blogtelevisual.com/ Good showcase, though in Portugese I still think http://www.motionographer.com and http://dennytu.wordpress.com are heads-above best. Hoping others have suggestions.
  4. Can anyone suggest some good broadcast design, channel branding blogs? I've only been able to find a few. Be great to share our lists! I'm mostly interested in places that focus on television design (idents, OSP, image spots, channel packages). Besides Motionographer (http://www.motionographer.com) I find the best to be: Idents.tv http://www.idents.tv Good blog, mostly from the Australian TV market- short and sweet Art & Business of Motion http://dennytu.wordpress.com One of the most comprehensive and they cover stuff from the US and internationally World of Idents http://worldofidents.blogspot.com Good library of IDs/idents from the UK, I like the quirky writing style Can anyone add to the list? Would be great to get a few more suggestions! Please help!
  5. Wondering if the results even got sent out? Nearly a year now. They got all that great/juicy information and it hasn't been shared yet. Waiting patiently!
  6. pixelstar

    New Reel.

    Nicely done! Liked the selects!
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