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  1. Fantastic article. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I'm signed up so fingers crossed. I'll keep you all updated with my progress & thanks for the input. Cheers.
  3. I’ll check out the videos today, cheers. No proper formal training. I attended a very rubbish, part time course two years ago. It was a few hours a week for about four months. It was a Graphic Design course but the teacher was awful IMO. She was really into textiles and knew nothing about PS, Illustrator…Hadn’t even heard of C4D. It was frustrating. I’ve been using C4D for 8 years & rest for 7. Gone through a million tutorials, made everyday for a short while, etc… I really want to push this as a career but I do feel that my design skills are lacking and also need mentors / projects / deadlines. In a rut and feel this course may help ? Could spend the money on some GTX980ti’s for Octane instead, lol.
  4. Anyone on here graduated from the School of Motion Graphic Design course ? I'm in a situation where I'm very familiar with C4D, AE, PS, Zbrush, etc... Feel that my design skills should be better and holding me back, so thinking of signing up to this course. It's a reasonable amount of money for me and would love to hear from people that have already done it or feel that it's worth it / not worth it ? Cheers.
  5. Putting mograph skills into a reel ? I've been using C4D, PS, AE & Zbrush for many years. Learning lots of stuff and creating little bits and bobs, everydays, etc. Over the past year I decided that I want to get a job in motion graphics / 3D. I need to build a strong reel & so my question is this - Can you folks recommend good places to get briefs, projects, etc ? This way I can work on them and build a varied reel. Also considering getting a mentor so they can give me project, deadlines and guidance. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. I'm having the same problem. If my monitor sleeps during a render ( with a .mov as background ) I lose the background movie ! This will cause problems when I want to do a big render. Don't wanna burn my monitor. I'm on imac 27in, Mac OS 10.6.4 Anyone found a solve for this ??
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