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    Terroir is Gustavo Roseira a creative who works in the fields of Multimedia and Graphic Design. Currently he's studyng Multimedia Design at School of Arts and Design (ESAD) in Caldas da Rainha and working as a freelancer.

    Design | Motion Graphics | 3D | Installation | Visuals | Projection Mapping | Stop Motion | Animation | Sound Design | Web Design
  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes I'm starting to work on that, investing more time with the storyboard and the sketches!
  2. My Reel just got out, give me your feedback and share it if you like Terroir Reel 2012
  3. Sound Moves Multimedia installation combining interactivity, real time sound production and projection mapping, under the artistic event OMH - Our Media Heads at SILOS.CR The freedom of body expression takes care of the musical content. The replacement of sound production hardware by multimedia solutions sets the future. People are tracked by Kinect sensor's connected with Processing, then it sends midi signal for Reason5, allowing controlling synthesizers in real time with body moves. Project on Behance Project on Vimeo Facebook Page Visual Brain Storming Gustavo Roseira Hugo Gomes Juliano Silva Miguel Rosa Valter Simão
  4. Terroir

    Ninja Kore

    Ninja Kore The same way intense sub basses, textures and digital rhythms are precepcionated by our ears, blasting our minds, abstract forms invade empty spaces, giving them new life and dynamic environment. An odyssey of abstract emotions, through colors and forms that are not directly related to the outside world, but in coherent harmony with the energy released by the music, thereby creating an environment of ephemeral metamorphosis. Video on Behance Ninja Kore on the Behance Network Video on Vimeo Ninja Kore on Vimeo Film/Motion Graphics Gustavo Roseira aka Terroir Music Ninja Kore
  5. New link on VIMEO http://vimeo.com/26766082
  6. TRY ANOTHER ANGLE Gustavo Roseira Hugo Gomes Miguel Rosa Projection Mapping instalation made for Multimedia Project in the course of Multimedia Design at ESAD.CR Produção|Pós-Produção Gustavo Roseira Agradecimento Nicola Henriques Watch in HD http://vimeo.com/26766082
  7. new link on VIMEO http://vimeo.com/26016398 http://vimeo.com/terroir
  8. Terroir

    FAZ 2011

    Watch in HD FAZ - Fazer Acontecer 2011 Event of reflection on the Word, Image and Experience, fundamental reasons in the field of Design. Projects Visual Brain Storming Marco Heleno João Pinto Edgar Santos Production|Post-Production Gustavo Roseira
  9. Ver em HD | Watch in HD On Vimeo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdEAYgwW3O0 VISUAL BRAIN STORMING Gustavo Roseira a.k.a Terroir Juliano Silva Miguel Rosa Valter Simão A OUTRA FACE DA FARINHA Instalação multimédia com três vertentes, Video Mapping, Multi-Touch e Interactividade, no âmbito do evento cultural e artístico Caldas Late Night 15 nos Silos da Ceres. Multimedia installation combining, video mapping, multi touch and interactivity, under the artistic and cultural event Caldas Late Night 15 at Silos of Ceres. PRODUCTION/POST-PRODUCTION Gustavo Roseira a.k.a Terroir Maria Miguel Camacho THANKS Maria Miguel Camacho Nicola Henriques Pedro Brás Marco Telmo Martins Marishka Balyuk Tiago Borges Cláudio Cigarro Paulo Sellmayer Samuel Reis Hugo Gomes Alberto Estrela
  10. Ver em HD | Watch in HD On Vimeo Terroir behance.net/terroir cargocollective.com/terroir Made In Ipad Magazine - Projecto realizado para a cadeira de Projecto Multimédia no curso de Design Multimédia na ESAD.CR, Motion Work TERROIR a.k.a GUSTAVO ROSEIRA Post Production TERROIR a.k.a GUSTAVO ROSEIRA Logo Design TERROIR a.k.a GUSTAVO ROSEIRA Layout Design JULIANO SILVA e VALTER SIMÃO Music The Cinematic Orchestra - Theme de Yoyo
  11. Terroir behance.net/terroir cargocollective.com/terroir Drive & Driven - Projecto realizado para a cadeira de Projecto Multimédia no curso de Design Multimédia na ESAD.CR, The Drive &Driven project is an initiative of trying to reduce the number of car accidents caused by intoxicated persons in a simple and fun way. We propose the construction of a space (close to recreation areas at night) where anyone who is in doubt about his level of alcohol, can make a free test. The test is to blow into the device, then on a monitor appears the exact amount of alcohol, a fun sentence about his drunken state and a short animation . Depending on the outcome, the device displays if the person is able to drive or not and can make suggestions. Illustrator work JULIANO SILVA e VALTER SIMÃO Motion work TERROIR a.k.a GUSTAVO ROSEIRA Post-production TERROIR a.k.a GUSTAVO ROSEIRA Watch in HD On Vimeo
  12. Hi there, I've started to work in motion graphics this year so i'm a completely newbie. I just wanna show you a work that i've done in after effects and i hope you guys can give me some tips and advices. (I'm pretty interested in learning After Effects and Cinema 4d) (sorry, my english is not the best) Thanks for your time, hug from Portugal.
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