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    Full time video editor / motion graphics designer working in Soho, London
  1. Incredible work! Really inspiring stuff! One thing I would say: I'm always loathed to watch videos that are uploaded in Quicktime format. It takes an absolute age to stream them in, and usually impatience gets the better of me and I close the window down. That said, the work here was a joy to watch, and I was compelled to see the whole thing. Really great work.
  2. £1000 pcm should get you something decent, but I agree with iline, if you don't mind sharing a place with other people you'll find yourself in a much better place for your money. To be honest you can pretty much get what you want for you budget. I pay a lot less for a decent place. You mentioned Canary Wharf in the other thread. I wouldn't really recommend it as a place to live. It's geographically pretty far out the way. Most people who live around there only do so because they work in that area. It's also pretty soulless. It's full of suits during the week, and a ghost town during the weekend. You mentioned Dalston too. It's a much better option for you, by the sound of things I'd say. One draw back of Dalston is that it doesn't have its own tube stop. Considering your budget, maybe something around angel / islington could work out well. (Shit, I'm sounding like a estate agent. Kill me) Are you looking to move on your own, or with partner / family? Hope some of that helps!
  3. Hey, I'm London based, just thought I'd share what I know about London living. Douglas, you're right in thinking that most motion / design work is probably central / soho based. That said, there's lots of companies dotted all over London doing video work. My current job has me working just west of Central London. (Near Notting Hill Gate, but Hugh Grant is seldom to be seen.) There are also several creative / design places around East London, Shoreditch being home to a few design houses. As mentioned, Shoreditch and Dalston are awash with trendy kids. If you think living in close proximity with people like this might frustrate you, look elsewhere: (possibly NSFW) South, north and far east London are pretty residential. Whilst a south London abode can geographically quite close to central, transport links are typically worse. This makes rent prices favourable though. Hackney seems to be quite a popular area to live too. I live in South London and cycle to work, since the tube can make me feel pretty suicidal. I currently have a Visa to work in Canada for a year from its activation. Does anyone know if there's much motion / design work out in Toronto? Or have any experience with moving out there?
  4. hey, sorry to dig this thread up again, just thought I'd let you guys know I posted up a new Cinema 4d tutorial on the site. Take a look here: http://www.motiongasm.com/2011/07/focus-pull/ thanks very much, hope you're all doing good
  5. Hi guys, thank you very much for all your comments. Just thought I'd let you guys know that I've just posted up another c4d tutorial on the site. It's up at: http://www.motiongasm.com/2011/06/tutorial02/ Yeah, a few people have mentioned the background. Maybe I'll tweak when I get the chance! In the meantime, keep popping those paracetamol and get those sunnies on! I'll fix the BG as soon as get a chance!
  6. Hi everyone, just thought I'd share my new motion graphics site with you all. It's at www.motiongasm.com - I'll be sharing all sorts of stuff including inspirational motion graphics works, C4d and AE tools, as well as posting up a few tutorials when I get the chance! I just posted up my first tutorial here: http://www.motiongasm.com/2011/06/613/ Please check out the site, and I hope you find something useful there. I'm not the greatest cinema 4d user out there or anything, but I'm always having to figure out how to do new stuff for my job, so I thought it'd be good to share what I pick up along the way! There seem to be some great C4d user communities online, many of which I've benefited from via tutorials etc, and I owe these guys a lot! I thought it would only be right to give something back to the community. (I wasn't sure where to post this, as it kinda covers both inspiration and tutorials) Thanks, Thom
  7. OK, so all that was taking the piss. (Americans, read as 'ripping / knowingly bullshitting) if you want evidence, I've changed my ways (or at least my reel): http://mografik.com/reel But still, to this day, I don't believe there is any crime in my previous reel intro which unashamedly used CityKit. Like I have said, I had that idea, and used City Kit to facilitate it. I used that previous reel to find work a month or so ago, and I didn't have to lie to anyone. During an interview I played the prospective employee that reel, he saw the intro and said - 'hey, that's City Kit, right?' which I confirmed. 'I like what you've done with it,' he replied. I was offered the job, and accepted it. It's been a great move for me, and definitely a step up the career ladder. But all that aside, I'm surprised at the attitudes of some of the members here, particularly those like killkillakillyo, who insist on carrying out this ridiculous trolling ritual, even after I apologise. I had no idea the reception at this forum would be so closed minded, and conservative. It seems like there are some diamonds amongst the turds here. But attempting to ostracise a new member, high fiving each other and making forum love to each other is no way to build a strong online community. I hope I can have some positive input here.
  8. ok,firing up an old topic here, but don't you guys see? These are post modern times, people. I'm not some photocopier of design, I'm an artist, I'm Tarantino, I'm Duchamp. Hell, even Tim Clapham, a hero to many of us agrees, cites Duchamp as an inspiration: http://features.cgsociety.org/story_custom.php?story_id=5740 (see text below Clapham's image) and yes, Binky:
  9. Binky, I like what you've got to say. Your words remind me of those of some of the best tutors I've ever had. Thank you. It could be that this kind of inspiration is just the reason a forum like this one could be useful. Ok, so the unfortunate truth for me is that I am sometimes a bit of a hired gun with software skills sometimes, and I don't always get the creative licence. (I've been working full time as a video editor / motion graphic artist nearly 2 years since graduating). And the likelihood is my next job may be similar (although hopefully better) one. I'm not sure if I'm ready to venture into freelancing as my livelihood just yet, and the necessity to stay alive means that I currently gotta play with the cards I'm dealt. I continually aspire to better myself as a designer, and to work in a more creative environment. With both the jobs I have, and have had in the past, I've been able to learn more about both software skills and design. Ok, so maybe the next 2 self appointed projects I work will aim to replace the 2 aforementioned shots, but if I were to model a city myself, thus throwing away the citykit one, would that really take my reel out of McDonalds and into, say, Pizza Express? Either way, I hear what you all have to say, however to say I've solely tainted the industry by posting this is maybe a bit much. and to say I'm 'a plain old ass,' isn't the constructive criticism I thought might be found here. Instead that's a (slightly premature?) assessment of me, and not my reel or my work. (Or 2 shots on my reel for that matter) Thank you though, there is a lot I will take on board there. Man, who'd a thought a couple of shots could cause such a stink!
  10. That's great Rollo, very useful feedback, especially concerning the edit of the reel. I guess I wanted a flash title intro, since I remember a tutor telling me that as I designer, everything in my output must be designed. Thankfully I did have the luxury of time to put into the intro and outro, but yeah, I see your point! Thanks very much
  11. it's a tough audience here I see. Sadly, I have had a few jobs now, where an art director will stand over my shoulder and demand idiotic things like 'make it look more high res' and I'm simply the hired gun who has to try and take what they say and have it make some sense on the screen. Those jobs can really suck. Given how hard it is to get decent work in the industry it seems silly to not use some of the best looking works I have produced. You can see a reel from several perspectives ie, designer, art director, client, software aptitude etc. I won't for a moment pretend that any of the tutorial based works you see here are down to my creativity talents. You'll notice I've also included works like the OK Magazine advert I previously produced. I acknowledge they're much weaker on both a design perspective and technical standpoint, however I chose to include those works since I understand that working with brands, and TV broadcast work hold a lot of clout from a client perspective, which is my main goal here. What's more, for the intro of the reel that you see there, before I even knew city kit existed, I envisaged a shot where the initial logo is revealed, backs out of a billboard, then reveals a title over a city. I used city kit to do this, however, does doing so make me a poor art director? Does it make me a cop out 3d technician for using a plug in? I guess these are questions concerning what field people are looking to work in to. No one ever had a go at Harry Potter for using an expelliarmus spell and said 'lame, Snape did that aaaaaages ago.' (haha... that's stupid, I know) Apologies if I've offended anyone by using tutorial based work on my reel here. I guess you just gotta see it as a mark of respect for the authors of some great, inspiring tutorials that are out there.
  12. hey guys, thanks for the comments, I know the tutorial stuff doesn't show the most wildly imaginative creativity in those instances, but I figured the tutorial stuff displays what I have learnt, and what I can now do through that learning. I know anyone here can spot it a mile off, but ultimately it still displays ideas for graphic treatments to the intended audience of clients / prospective clients. In all tutorial based stuff here, I've tried to take what I've learnt from a tutorial, and add some of my own style to it. Thanks for your comments!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm Thom, I'm new around these parts, after being recommended this forum by a friend. I've just uploaded my new reel, it's up at: www.mografik.com/reel please take a look, any comments or suggestions welcome! Glad to be here, looking forward to being part of the community at mograph!
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