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  1. Some people just baffle me sometimes. This will be the last time I post in this particular thread about this particular 'discussion' we're having, but here goes. 1. I told him to go fuck himself, not everyone on this forum or the two folks above me. He got jokes, alright, I got reversed it on him, as obviously he thought he was funny and helpful. 2. Once again, one can only use GOOGLE so much, it's a tool like any other. Yes, I know you're gonna tell me "it's how you use the tool!" that doesn't fly with me. 3. Can you upload a video of the EXACT thing, you're trying to achieve/replicate in your own work and have it give you the EXACT answer you're looking for? Something to think about. This is why I posted this stuff on a FORUM full of people who do this for a living, or who are good at these things. And you're gonna tell me this isn't the best place to ask basic technical stuff? Well, ok sir, point me to a place that is. Although... ...4. I have already found the answers to my questions, through a forum - actually a different forum anyway. But thanks to everyone who did try to help a noobie out, those who get bent all out of shape cause I couldn't be bothered with his "jokes" or "wit" - well, not my problem. 5. Bvaz, thank you for your point number 2.
  2. I see we got a joker on here. What you don't realize is that Google will only get you to a certain point - this is where forums come in, which is obviously why I registered here, to ask more knowledgeable people in the craft if they could help a noobie out, but I see shit like that, doesn't get through your thick fucking skull, because you obviously love to make yourself feel good. Well here's a little bit of your own medicine: Fuck yourself.
  3. Alright, I won't deny that I'm a noob to AE, and am still learning, though I've messed with AE with just basic stuff.... but, if in AE - what tools can I draw those graphics with, for example - lines, and circles, etc. Is there any good material online, like a tutorial or something of that nature that's got a basic rundown on this stuff. Any other advice is appreciated, I'm here to learn, no doubt. Just need some guidance. Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone, just found out about this site. I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone on here, and this forum in general. I'm not a professional designer, though I do try to learn this craft just as a hobby. I've been watching a lot of videos on Vimeo and I've noticed this particular type of motion graphics effect in a couple of videos. I do believe it's compiled and tracked in AE (or with Mocha) however, I'm aching to know how the graphics themselves are designed. Are they done through C4D, or in Photoshop and then animated (and obviously tracked) in AE? Or can it usually be done ALL in AE? Here are a few examples. http://vimeo.com/4822186'>http://vimeo.com/4822186 http://vimeo.com/4822186 - such as 11 second mark (lines, and shapes that are animated) - C4D? AE? Photoshop? quite curious what software was being used to create something like that. and lastly - (such as the beginning, disregarding the 3D shape in the middle) - the lines, animated circles. I mean to me I could guess the little + signs could very well be done in something like Photoshop, but how about that spinning circle with thin lines, etc. I appreciate anyone's help, and I look forward to be able to share something in the future.
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