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  1. I think this is what you're looking for: http://blog.biscuitsanddavey.com/2011/08/16/sound-effectorluminancexpresso/ Same should apply for C4D R13 even though I think I used R12 for this tutorial.
  2. Getting ready to start a series of Layer Browser tutorials and wanted to share the model I'll be using in most of them. It's a rigged box with user data to control the flaps of the box opening and closing individually or all together. Enjoy! http://blog.biscuitsanddavey.com/2012/04/05/free-model-the-box/
  3. I've tried it and works pretty well in real time, as well as capturing motion data. Also works well with dynamics without running to slow, and that was on my laptop. Actually was a lot of fun making the character interact with objects in the scene. Lots of possibilities there. As for what you're asking about, can't make much out.
  4. Absolutely! You can also just drop the phong tag all together on most objects and achieve the effect. I see a lot of pyramids and triangles used in that type of illustration and animation so it just worked out well to use that plugin on a pyramid object. Plus they are great plugins and thought it was a great opportunity to share!
  5. Hey all, just posted a new tutorial on how to get the low polygon effect that seems to be trending. Note that in the tutorial I use a plugin to speed up the modeling process but feel free to model an object yourself. Still produces the same effect in the end! http://blog.biscuitsanddavey.com/
  6. Have been playing with this over the weekend and so far it's been the best I have encountered. Dropping the cash on the Kinect is well worth it but you do need a good amount of floor space to make effective use of it. I think for character animation this could be a great way to sketch in some motion comps. http://www.ni-mate.com/use/cinema4d/ Fairly robust but simple and runs extremely well even when you throw in some dynamics. I'm going to be posting my finds as I go over on my blog. Anyone else using mocap in C4D?
  7. Thank you! Douwe had the perfect result for what I needed. Should start with the Shader Effector next time. I will render out the result and post the final product.
  8. Does anyone know how to randomize the luminance brightness of a material applied to a cloner so that all of the cloned objects have random levels of brightness? I have been messing around with the Multi Shader, Random Effector, and Xpresso but can't seem to get the Luminance Brightness to randomize. Using the random effector, and changing the mode to Noise, can generate rhythmic random position, scale, and rotation, but I want that control over the luminance brightness.
  9. Check out the new Wind Turbine for C4D which uses Xpresso and Mograph to give you complete control over the size, rotation, and speed of the wind turbine. Animated out of the box, just hit play! Download it for free here. Enjoy!
  10. Hey guys! I am pretty excited to announce the relaunch of my site, Biscuits and Davey. It's been a long time coming but after a few months of redevelopment and such I have finally put it together and will be dropping C4D tutorials all week long to get things rolling. Hope you can take something from my helpful tips and look forward to seeing this move forward. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on all the posts that are coming this week and beyond!
  11. There are texture files that are associated with the .c4d files that are the lights. When you drop the lights into your scene, they are looking for the GSGTextures folder, which comes with and is a part of Light Kit Pro. For the lights to find those textures you have to copy that GSGTextures folder into your "tex" folder that lives in your program/application folder for Cinema 4D. This is the filepath example from a Mac: Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R12/tex/GSGTextures
  12. Yes, that removes it from the Render Settings window but if you click on "Render Setting" button at the bottom left and go to "Load Preset", it still exists. I did figure it out though. A "User" folder under the "Presets" folder in the Content Browser window contains all of the render presets you create and can easily be deleted from within the Content Browser window.
  13. Anyone know where C4D saves custom render settings that you create? Am trying to get rid of a few but cannot figure out where they are kept.
  14. Does anyone know of or use any augmented reality apps, Andriod or iOS based, to upload your own models and/or animations viewable via a mark or gps coordinates? I have seen some great developments in AR the past couple of years but really want something that can be applicable in the market place. Ideally to have a person of interest scan a QR code, then it either loads the model because they already have the app, or it downloads the app then loads the model. Obviously there are a number of bugs to work out but it would be great to find something to use as a springboard towards developing something efficient and effective. Thanks.
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