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  1. I think this might a scenario often overlooked in the work/life balance discussion that pops up from time to time. Breaking up. I just got dumped after I moved to LA for work about a month ago. It's a reality that I'm sure some others have felt, or at least been threatened by. It sucks. My girlfriend of 5 years supported the move and lead me to believe she would eventually move down with me after I got planted. She lied, or changed her mind ... I dunno. We had some cool things planned, but now I feel like I'm going through a sort of mini-divorce. She was a graphic designer, and understood a lot of my career moves, but she was pretty content just making wedding invitations, or designing T-shirts. Maybe I could have shared that kind of a career goal later in life. Right now, I feel like I should be taking advantage of my energy and desire to work longer hours and move around the country and try to enjoy it. When she said she liked "travel" I kinda thought that would work out haha. I think she meant "vacations" which we all know, is not super easy to plan in a busy life, no matter your industry. I remember a specific time she was planning to go the Caymen Islands with her parents and wanted me to go. I thought it sounded cool and all but I was surprisingly not pumped up about it. In fact, I saw an opening at my job at the time to jump on a cool project and I was just totally honed in on that. I think at some point I may have expected her to share in my excitement for this new project. I feel this way now as well. I should be really upset, but I'm still so focused. It's like an addiction. I remember quitting smoking and dreaming about cigarettes, I dream about animation in similar kind of "longing". The story is kind of sad, but maybe explaining some of my feelings and how they relate to our careers will be therapeutic for myself or someone else I dunno. Sorry to blow up our mograph forum with something kinda unrelated but a lot of our other social media crap is shared so I can't really talk about this stuff anywhere else. This forum has been something a little more private.
  2. big fan of the official seal. kinda want that as a t-shirt, not gonna lie.
  3. Also, that is exactly the problem.
  4. Right right, but often-times I'm going precomp-crazy and not setting background colors. I just think it would be a nice feature for Preferences, I pretty much never want solid black for a background color, and/or for identifying alpha.
  5. Wondering why we can't adjust the default new comps background color? even after precomping from a composition with a red background, It reverts to black, even tho it keeps other settings from the nested comp, like FPS and size?
  6. hamax1

    headed to LA

    Haha, you guys are awesome, thanks for the tips! I get really excited about trying new food places, I'll try to resist posting my restaurant reviews here, haha.
  7. hamax1

    headed to LA

    That's exactly where I've been looking, but just started peaking at Burbank and NoHo a bit, even tho it would be a hellish commute down to my friends and work who are south of Beverly Hills. I've done 2 hour commutes before, but I don't exactly plan to always be driving at rush hour, I am curious as to just how bad it really is.
  8. hamax1

    headed to LA

    I know it's a pretty big can of worms but any advice helps. I'm headed to LA at the end of the month for work and will be scrambling over the next few months to find a place. Tips on good places to eat are helpful too!
  9. I've seen this done with great effect using Youtube only:
  10. Pretty clever, would be cool to even tie an intensity slider to them as well, so you can crank em up on que. I think you could get to the "meat" of the tutorial a little faster, if people don't know how to setup a basic comp for there footage they have a few steps to go before this tutorial I think. Just on a side note, I don't think the youtube-style of requesting subscribers and likers and stuff really jams well with Vimeo and/or the motion community. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thank you everyone for your input, and a very timely discussion. The plugins are actually not a terribly huge deal, it's more along the lines of expressions (which they would have to have in the SCRIPTS UI folder in order to see, right?) , and having some discression and sense of timing is what makes them look great. I'm not worried about anyone STEALING that sensibility really (moreso with Brake's added confidence, ty sir). If someone else can find a theme or pattern in the use of the expressions and implement them similarly then they can feel free. I think them stating that the AE project files are part of the "resources" listed in the SOW is bullshit. A seperate "FEE" as 'anothername' mentioned would make sense. At the end of the day it was a good client and I don't feel like I'm trading them anything masterfully re-usable, still delivering projects/plugins/scripts doesn't sit right with me no matter the field. And just one more thing about Blueprints, recipe's, "secret sauce" ... Those things are not easily obtainable. I'm quite certain getting blueprints to private buildings takes some serious red-tape jumping. Recipe's can be secretive too. While there are tons of recipe's for free to make great food out there, the real delectable stuff can be hard to recreate. And the Chef's at a restaurant might tell you whats in it, but they sure-as-hell aren't going to hand you a step-by-step ... cuz that's in their book, or on the website, or whatever.
  12. A friendly client wants "source files" delivered at the end of a few month stint. Many of these files contain links to various plugins and scripts and will basically not operate as expected when they are opened on another machine. The client requested that these plugins be delivered as well, or at least a list and how to obtain them. I just don't think this type of deliverable is appropriate no matter what the statement of work said. But the SOW stated that resources and deliverables would be outlined, then in each stint they were outlined as "motion studies" or "animatics" or whatever but never Adobe After Effects files and the plugins used. anyone else deal with anything like this before? I'm considering just giving them the projects as-is, they can have fun trying to recreate stuff or find someone that can dig through it all.
  13. This thread is seriously turning me on right now.
  14. Thanks for the input on the Xbox stuff. I think I'm going to add a little flavor and some camera movement in the future, just to bring it to life more, even if that isn't exactly what it is in reality. I may have extended that intro to show the Avatar guy as an homage to that team at Xbox, I worked with them for some of my time at microsoft and I love the little bits of character they brought. I may try to get my hands on some of the wackier stuff we did with the Avatar rig instead. The interacting hand was done with a sort-of rotoscope style. Shooting video of my hand, then using masks to cover the hand frame by frame (almost every frame). The coloring and screen effects give it a kind of "toon-shader" look.
  15. Thanks guys! I think that is the sentiment behind the "REALLY LOUD" sequence, I just wanted to make something that breaks away from the UI flows. Here are some thoughts on the alternative "reel"-ing that I was thinking: One is this great MTV branding breakdown: https://vimeo.com/38729952 this detailed approach and explanation could be applied to some the UI work I've done in the past, and it would certainly be my preferred way of continuing with UI work: This sport of all-up, full motion package. With Xbox, I would be speaking for way too many other people, but I may be able to find a particular area where further explanation is welcomed. And then we have this breakdown of UI and animation: http://www.ui-transitions.com/#home his success comes from further levels of interactivity, allowing the viewer to experience some of those moments themselves (not totally possible in an everyday show-reel). Adobe Edge Animate has opened up some possibilities here, but it's still a rough beta that doesn't allow for .PSD or .AI import yet. I think that's the split I'm faced with. I should hope viewers of the reel note the similarities in the different styles of work, UI and motion graphics, the job titles are same, the software is the same, the keyframes, expressions, everything. But I think I've got to step it up further to portray those similarities better. thanks for thinking out loud with me haha -Max
  16. Thanks Dave! I've had some time to reflect on this reel since I put it out there. I've been considering splitting off UI-centric work and fun animation/mograph projects into separate reels. A friend mentioned 2 reels tonight, and I'm just not sure if its done very often in this community, and if so, how do you balance that work? While the UI previsualization pays well, but the punchy mograph spots get you street cred? What to do, what to do. I'd love to hear other thoughts on the multi-reel.
  17. WOO! feels good to get this finally out there. https://vimeo.com/56682078
  18. I'm just spit-ballin' here but could you achieve a nice look from that VOXEL C4D plugin and render out an orthographic 'side' view ? I have a really fluid vector shapes/masks animation I'm doing for Full-Secs, I'll put it through some 8/16bit compositing and test some stuff out. Good luck, let us know how it turns out!
  19. duck quack and look off screen seal the deal
  20. Cool, I'll check it out. Is there something better or free for Mac? (might be able to use a mac)
  21. Can anyone recommend good screen capturing software for recording a tutorial on PC? I want to do another frame by frame animation tutorial in Photoshop.
  22. Nice tip, seems to be working great so far. I've tested a few light-weight projects with less than 20 precomps. I'll build a larger nested chain of precomps later and test again. THANKS!
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