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  1. Have you tried baking the cloner with a mograph cache tag, then adding a time track to your cloner? That gives a lot of temporal latitude (in theory) and removes some of the calculation overhead in your viewport.



    EDIT: bah, too slowwwww...


    I cached the cloner object, but when I change the frame rate nothing happens. How do I add a time track?

  2. I like the new ones a lot more than the old ones. Every cinema display I''ve seen has gone bad with discoloration and burning the image onto the screen. Of course, the new ones haven't been around long enough to see them go bad. It's also preference. Do you like matte or glossy better? Apple's gloss is different than a lot of crappy PC laptop glossy screens because it's actually glass and looks much better.


    I just bough a 27' imac and it's plenty of space to work on. A few extra inches probably would do you that much good.


    So I'd go with the new one, unless you prefer matte.

  3. Hey folks,


    I've got a pretty basic C4D project setup. It's just a cloner object in grid array duplicating cubes. Then there is an attractor that attracts all the cubes onto an invisible sphere. The attractor turns off and all the cubes fall.


    I spent a lot of time getting the cubes to move exactly how I want them to and now I want to render this animation at a higher frame rate. It is currently at 24fps. The problem is when I boost the frame rate in the document settings, the dynamics act completely different.


    The only reason I can see this happening is because I started the project in R11.5 and I am now using R12.


    Basically, I just want to render the same exact animation at a higher frame rate. Any thoughts on why the dynamics would behave differently when I change the fps?





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