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  1. Thanks for the information. I've looked at Video Copilot before and followed some tutorials. I will probably get around to some other ones sooner or later. I've also worked with Photoshop some, to where I know the basics and can do some good stuff with it. I saw this reel on the site: http://vimeo.com/24850834 Would those programs be used to make animations like that? Or other ones?
  2. Well, I've been interested in motion graphics for quite a while now. Seeing all its uses on Tv is really cool to me. It is potentially something I would pursue as a career in the future. I have a few questions for the people here. What Kim of programs are mainly used in motion graphics? I've worked with AAE, C4D, and 3DS Max some, but a lot of commercial I saw in peoples reels had to have used something else for the animation. What kind of effects are mainly worked with? How difficult or how long does it take to create a cool looking commercial? Probably strange sounding questions, but if you have an answer that would be great.
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