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  1. Hey all, Just thought I would share this with the Cinema 4D community. I started out in the 3d world using C4D and then combined a lot of my work in Cinema with designs from other sotwares like maya and houdini. And I wanted to share some of the results and hear what people think about my work.
  2. I'm not sure what example you are referring to. However, if you don't know the lens properties of the camera you could use a high end tracking software such as PFTrack (or use any other tracking software that allows you to input lens parameters) and just guess + check a ground plane with the footage until you nail it. PFTrack, Boujou and other softwares let you add dummy objects to test the tracking as well. If the footage was shot and unedited from a high end cam you could possibly be able to see the lens properties in Abode Bridge if you look at the meta data of the file.
  3. Hi, first post here. Next Limit has an official plugin for R12 (only 32 bit OSX is unsupported). I'm using a demo version of RealFlow with the R12 RealFlow plugin. Just thought I would share. I obtained the plugin from here. I clicked the links at the very bottom of the page to access a demo plugin.
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