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    USA Adventure!

    haha Wendy's... my holiday romance, I was only there for a month and I think I ate there about 6 times! I wish we had them here in the UK, the only way to get a quadruple burger with extra cheese and bacon here is to have a friend who works at maccies. I'll just go off and have a heart attack now... The music is actually a rare gem found on audio network - "Our Little Town" by Adam Skinner and Dan Skinner. There were so many other little things I planned to put in there, but it came to the point where I just needed to get it finished. I wish I had added them now.
  2. JonnyB

    USA Adventure!

    Thanks vozzz, I appreciate the kind words. Yes, I went back and forth with what to do with the text really - the original idea was to do a whole load of text in your peripheral vision like a travel journal that wasn't really intended to be read, but that was acted out by the animation so the viewer just watched the animation instead. I realised that it could just be incredibly frustrating to have all this text and not be able to read it in time so I cut it right down so you could take it in if you wanted to. Still not sure if it was the right balance. The general goal I wanted with this was that is was re-watchable, that people might get enjoyment from watching it a few times, rather than 90% of other motion pieces I do where you just need the information right there in the simplest form to absorb first time.
  3. JonnyB

    USA Adventure!

    Hello! I made this while on my incredibly cliche trip across the USA, so I thought I'd share it here. Feedback is very welcome.
  4. That is awesome, I wish my work had been that good while I was at university
  5. Yeah, I'll take that about the music, oeuf is right. I think that a lot of people would think the music on my reel isn't to their taste - I've had mixed responses for it but I figured it's the only time in my work I can use something that reflects my personality so I just ran with it.
  6. Hello! Welcome to mograph, although I feel a bit silly saying that, as I haven't posted here in a while... You are right about the length, reels need to be short not only to hold the viewers attention through to the end, but so that you've only selected the very best of your work to show. It appears on the face of it that you've put in a bunch of clips from your projects, then halfway through just decided to repeat it all and include very similar clips from the same projects. There are some very nice snippets in there that look really good, but I hope you don't mind me saying they are spread out in between quite a lot of stuff that looks quite "student-ey", which really distracts the viewer from the nuggets of good work in there. My advice would be to really be brutal about them, remove the projects that aren't as visually pleasing and keep only the best of the best. Don't ever include something just because it's there. Also, this might be personal preference, but I'm not a fan of sprinkling clips from the same project throughout, I prefer cutting them together so you see a few snippets of the same project side-by side. I will only ever re-visit a project under certain circumstances, perhaps in order to really get it working with the music. Also, the music feels a bit pedestrian for the purpose. I'm not too good with music though, so I'd get another opinion on that. I just like to start and end with a bang, using your best/most dynamic work. Makes it more exciting and watchable. I hope this is helpful for you.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvzkP3YKoW0&feature=player_embedded
  8. the background looks like plexus in AE to me - http://aescripts.com/plexus/
  9. I'm glad that I took a course that was very broad in terms of subject content, in the first year we learnt a bit of everything - film, photography, web design/development, graphic design, illustration. Then after that I could choose an area to focus on, which was motion graphics. This was good for me as it not only gave me skills in the related areas, but it meant that my love for motion graphics grew out of choosing what I liked doing best, rather than seeing cool stuff on TV and thinking that it's something I want to do, then realising I didn't actually enjoy the work involved when I was 3 years down the line. When I chose my course however, there was not a single course that was just "motion graphics" in the country (UK in 2005), now there are too many to choose from, so I think the landscape has changed a fair bit in recent years. I'm glad I went somewhere that had dedicated and talented students to work with and good industry contacts - the teaching wasn't great but the other factors made up for it. As far as internships are concerned, unpaid/ expenses internships shouldn't exist in my opinion but they probably always will. I was fortunate enough to be taken on for a reduced-wage trial period at my first job.
  10. Hmmm, as you can tell bardo, nobody really knows what advice to give. It would help if we knew a bit about your skill level and how you think you would like to go about it, as far as software you can use - the way you have worded your question suggests that you have seen some title sequence and thought "hey, I'd love to do something like that, but I've got no idea where to start" - in which case, just go ahead and say it, you're not going to lose any cool points for just wanting to know how people do this kind of thing. But why do you need it to be 5 seconds long? is it for some kind of intro to something you're creating, did a friend come along and ask you to create a logo sting for them? I'm going to assume you're asking for the basics, so I apologise if I'm assuming you know less than you do. The reference that you posted would be fairly advanced if you're new to this, they used 3D software, probably something like maya (although most motion graphics designers prefer Cinema 4D, as it is more user-friendly and more designed for our needs). I suggest that you don't worry about that for now and play around in After Effects to get the basics, you can get some cool star and nebula effects if you buy the Trapcode suite - using the Particular and Form effects, and fly a camera through these. Note that is is never one 'right' way to do it - you can get good results by using the effects that come with After Effects. Go to www.videocopilot.net and do a bunch of tutorials there - that'll give you the basics. Just remember, these are for learning how to use the software and it's features - there are thousands of others doing it that will get the same results. If you just do a tutorial and slap your logo on it for the world to see, people will recognise this and not look too kindly on it. Do a lot of different tutorials and remember the techniques that you learnt, then with this knowledge of how the software works, plan out how you might use these techniques for your own original purpose. Another note - I'm just talking about technical abilities here, if you want to get into motion graphics it starts from the ground up. This means learning how to be a good designer before you start making things move, and having good original ideas to work with. Learn the skills involved in graphic design, photography, film-making and illustration to get a better grasp on what makes things look good.
  11. by the way, just so people get a feel of what you're working on you should probably should have posted your issues in the thread you've started regarding this project. I know it's a different issue but it may just help somebody else who is making their way into the world of TP, and keep the forum less... scattered. I'm glad you're making progress with the project though.
  12. I may be being stupid here, but I'm willing to look foolish if i learn something... I thought that thinking particles didn't render in outputs unless you apply objects or tracers to them. In that case they will use the properties of the materials applied.
  13. I've never seen artifacts like that before (if those dots are artifacts, was the original is just a couple of coloured "00s"?) I assume you've tried the obvious to eliminate issues - update graphics card drivers, resart. Do you have another machine and/or version of AE you can try import it into to test whether it's your hardware/software playing up? I would also try and convert it to another format, I know this isn't ideal for quality but if there are issues encoding it then the file is probably corrupted somehow. Also, a long shot but check that AE is interpreting the file correctly (right click, main, interpretation). Oh, and I used to just disable openGL in AE when funky stuff was happening, last time I looked the option seemed to be gone but it might be hidden somewhere. I'm guessing the file plays OK in quicktime, what are the dimensions and file type/codec of the file?
  14. You're right, it is basic but I remember pulling my hair out trying to do simple things with thinking particles... it's tricky when you don't know exactly how each Xpresso node functions and links with others, sometimes the C4D help is good, other times it doesn't explain things in the way you need, especially if you are new to the whole thing. Thanks for posting the scene Mylenium. Anna, my advice is to set aside a nice big chunk of time to doing some of the tutorials out there on TP, queue up a lot of varied ones and work through them, making notes if neccesary. After each one, plan and build a simple scene that is different to the one that you've just watched/created, but that uses the same techniques. As you learn more, try making more of your own original scenes that combines more of the things you learn. For the most part, this will prevent you from hitting brick walls as you will know that you can rewatch bits if you get stuck and before long you will have gained a good understanding of the system and the possibilities will be endless!
  15. The way I would see this being successful is for it to have a really top-notch UI, it does need more than just 20 or so posts to be a viable resource, and it needs to be easy to navigate, categorise and search. That's the problem... it's so much harder to keep tabs on that kind of thing if it's decentralised... and as Binky says, we already have a good resource in mographwiki for that already - which is a much better base to build upon. I think this is because many are thinking along the same lines as me. I'd love to get involved but with other commitments I wouldn't be able to make it my first priority on a day to day basis, or even my second priority, but maybe my third or fourth. It's easy to let things like that be neglected so with that in mind I wouldn't want to make promises I can't keep.
  16. Go for it. I'd certainly like to see a site like that, which has little tips that solves problems and answers questions people ask on the forum, but in a way that easy to navigate. Sometimes you find such great little explainations that are hidden in a post from 2009. I really love Joren's quick C4D tips on The Pixel Lab... little workflow tips or "Hey, ever had that problem? Here's how to fix it" videos. Short and sweet. As far as contributers go... how do you see that playing out? Would you ask for submissions, or give logins to trusted sources, or keep it open for anybody, or approach people to make quick video explainations of problems they solve, or just make a lot of the content yourself? It would take a lot of legwork to actually get it up and running, and to generate enough content to keep people coming back, make it stick as a resource. Do you have the time and motivation to take this by the scruff of the neck and allocate enough time to it?
  17. I suspect there will be lots of little things under the hood that will make things easier. I have no experience in coding cross-software plugins, and I assume this will be a big focus for Adobe/Maxon collaboration. Is there anybody in the know who can speculate on this? Do you think they'll both change things to make things easier for 3rd parties or will they just focus on releasing their own plugins?
  18. Hey, thanks Peedy! I always appreciate kind words from good designers
  19. Why do I get the feeling you're getting tired of this topic?
  20. I think you have a very strong case going into this meeting, you will have not only the excellent links provided by thekinginyellow, but you can address each individual concern raised by the IT guy: I have to discuss this further, when you get to 3d software your are entering into a new realm. The interface and basic principles are very similar in 3D software, with the added bonus that C4D is more user-friendly and better supported in the motion graphics community (tutorials, plugins, advice etc). You may need a little time to fully get to grips, but the fact that you have tried it and found it easy to use is a good sign. Some things need to be considered: - the hardware that this runs on (will it be enough horse power to render 3d scenes, if you think after effects is slow to render wait until you have to wait 7 hours for a 30 second clip. True for any 3D software, I guess he may be worried about additional hardware costs, he probably doesn't want you to be coming to him in a few months time asking for expensive upgrades and new machines. From the specs you have given they seem OK but could be better, but they are more than enough to keep you working efficiently. How many workstations do you have there, and how many licenses will be needed now/in the forseeable future? If you address this right now with them and plan ahead it will show that you are on their side when it comes to the financial side of things and give them a better idea of what to expect. - if the hardware above isn't sufficient enough to render in a reasonable time then we are looking at a render farm. Which is an expensive hardware solution. It'd be good to mention the Net Render option that can use on machines that don't have C4D (read render farm-lite with no extra cost), as long as you have a few other good machines there. - will he be the only user? Want to consider other channels wanting it, so is this our standard moving forward? There are programs like 3d studio max, Maya (which I like and have at home), etc. Many other studios use C4D, I've noticed it's pretty much the standard nowadays, especially for freelancers and companies working with freelancers. So any collaboration/ supplied 3D files will be by far the easiest with C4D - what do we want to do with this software and what makes it stand out, other than the cheaper price, which sometimes tells me something. In my eyes the cheaper price is only a bonus, you have almost the whole mograph community as a reference as to why this software is good. There are drawbacks, they are few and far between in my workflow but the main reason studios would opt for maya or 3DS over C4D is, as mentioned, if they are working on huge productions with complicated pipelines and need absolute control and very specific features that in likelyhood you are not going to need. My friend works in such a place as a pipeline TD, working on Maya and much prefers the control he has for managing the pipeline (although he does have very little C4D experience to compare). I don't want to put the breaks on this and I understand how 3d could benefit cottage life but we are running short and some areas are over in capital. In short, in order for the company to remain competitive they do need to offer 3D capabilities and making the move will pay off eventually in the long run. Although it appears that the decision has been made to move to 3D, it's just a question of the software to use.
  21. There is nothing I dislike about this project. Was all the work done by 90degreeswest? were there lots of different contributers with their own section to work on? I ask because there are so many different styles but they are linked together quite nicely.
  22. Ah yes, good point krpdesign, it could be... although for a design shop it seems counter-productive to have youtube blocked (that would seriously piss me off if I had those restrictions, and not because i like to watch cat videos)
  23. So it seems that youtube might actually be the better option for uploading reels (as far as quality goes...) In my mind, and this is purely snobbery based on preconceptions, I think I judge any piece of work hosted on youtube before I've watched it because of the 'youtube' tag. Now if it's an awesome piece of work all is forgotten but still... As far as hosting your own work goes, when I started out this was the norm but I feel like it has much less of a reach because you're not getting that vimeo/youtube community to like, share and comment, not to mention it sometimes makes it harder for other people to embed them in their sites/blogs for the world to see. I've had the copywrite issue with youtube in the past too, i think they have bots that trawl the content looking for songs that match their database, I've never known anybody to have their vimeo content blocked for this. Probably because they are a larger company with more attention and demand for piracy control.
  24. I think this is fantastic, I'm not sure I really have any negative feedback as such... perhaps you could have tied the places together more and made it feel like more of a journey. The animations for each section look as if they are animating from something, but are mostly animating on from nothing (I see why you did this, as it's easier to work with seperate comps that you may have animated from seperate boards) but it's nice to see a continuous factor linking everything together, especially when you're representing a journey. For example, the states could have filled out to the larger map of the USA that followed, then one of the states could have transformed into the car (I love the effect you have for the car, btw), and elements from the car could have made the flag, etc) I suppose this suggestion is more of a thing that would have made it just that little bit better rather than a rule that you should have followed, I just like that kind of thing!
  25. So I noticed on a recent post on the job board, they request that nobody submits Youtube showreels. Is this really still a problem? I know there used to be a stigma around hosting work on Youtube and perhaps Vimeo, but I thought those days were behind us. I'm wondering whether they would view Vimeo submissions in the same light, or is it just because Youtube is seen as where people go to get angry at each other in the comments section. Would anybody think less of a designer who hosted their showreel on Youtube instead of Vimeo? In reality they're still just 2 very similar platforms.
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