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  1. Hey guys,






    First of all i want to introduce. My name is Neimuntas and i've been a motion graphics artist since 2011.

    We all know how hard it was to earn our first penny online with motion graphics and you and I experienced

    the hard times working with your first little projects for 5-10 $.


    I was noob when I just started out Mo-graphics, and I didn't start with any skills or high IQ level I just had the

    dream and passion to make something cool, to be the best of all motion graphics artists and wanted to achieve

    it as young as 20 years of age.


    1 year ago I have quited my motion graphics job. WHY? Because I didn't felt like I will go somewhere and wanted

    to start something for myself. I started FREELANCE, it was a very good decission!

    I've rent a office for myself and felt like a boss for myself! (very good feeling). I managed to make like $ 3-4 k per month~


    But like 2 months ago i've realised that I had this hard breakthrough moment from 2011 to 2015 where my revenue went from $ 5-10

    and have grown up to $ 3-4 k a month. And I thought for a second maybe people are having this same problem as I had?

    Well, money don't grow on trees we motion designers also need to pay for a rent, bills and other stuff.


    And I thought why successful motion designers don't tell people about how they got their breakthrough in the community.

    And from this IDEA I thought of Aegenius.com (learning course about how to make money with motion graphics)


    THIS IDEA came to my head because I understood where was my breakthrough points in my career and what I was doing

    good and what I was doing wrong.


    If this my story was something familiar for

    you check aegenius for more information :)





    And question for forum people when you had your first motion graphics breakthrough?

  2. I am 16 years old now, all works done when i was 15 except the jimdo video.I am trying to study it by myself, i want to see if i can handle that, i got like 3 different types of notes:"script notes, work notes, frames notes".I am thinking about emigration to another country to study motion graphics, i am stuck between these 2 countrys denkmark and Norway,i heard in denmark you dont need to pay for your studies because it's free.I'll see how my skills will grow up till i finish my school, it's like 3 years left ^^

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