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  1. This should not be a hard set up. There is even a ready to use metal hexagon material in the content browser/visualize pack. Just add your base material to the object and then apply the metal material on top of that.
  2. Sorry I can't show the video, it is frustrating for me because I would like to. But legally with Intel I can only show still frames and short clips of it in my reel. I should have a reel up with it in there soon though.
  3. I recently used it on a project that I needed to have a more natural looking landscape and flower. It really helped with DOF and SSS. It was really nice rendering with the indirect illumination because there was never an issue with shadow flickering which I was getting with the standard GI. I tested both the standard and physical render system and the physical was quicker in most of the shots as well. I can't post the video yet but I have some still frames posted up here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Intel/4083877
  4. I assumed they were all good for commercial use. Maybe someone else can share their knowledge on this.
  5. I would approach it using sweep nurbs or a simple spline wrap. I would use a displace deformer for a more organic feel on the surface and possibly a melt deformer to fake the liquid effect of toothpaste as it settles. But similar to what mshadis said, my approach might be different depending on the complexity of the animation.
  6. I have DPIT Plants & Effex and at a quick glance I didn't see any 'dirty tag'. So maybe rulertools?
  7. Great body of work you have. I have watched many of these over and over on manvsmachine site.
  8. Looks cool, really like the reverse animation. My comment would be that the lighting on the bullets looks pretty flat. It would be nice if there were some shadowing between the bullets. Might be able to just add an AO pass to it.
  9. Hey RustyAce, not sure if you own the AE plugin 'Plexus' but if you do you can get a free obj exporter. If not I believe they are selling it for $9.99. I have not used it before but came across the site: http://aescripts.com...porter-for-c4d/ There might be another way? Surprised there is not a free plugin somewhere for this
  10. Can someone explain why you would need VRAY since c4d has the physical render? (besides the materials that vray comes with) I havn't used vray on a project yet but would like to hear its advantages over the physical render system.
  11. Check this link out on Pariah Studios, free download for a similar model might be what you need. http://www.pariahstudios.co.uk/?p=361
  12. You could also use a Shader Effector on the the Fracture object. Set the Shader Effector to luminance channel and apply a material on the shader effector. In the Shader Effector Parameter tab check Scale and make it -1. In the material only check the "luminance" and apply a noise layer. Then just key frame animate the brightness of the noise in its shader properties from negative number to positive or reverse. This method will give you random scaling as well
  13. Nice work! Love the "bouncy things" project, fun. Overall really nice body of work.
  14. Awesome! Cant wait, Cinema keeps advancing.
  15. I hate the mac vs pc battle. People take it way to serious with their personal opinions. I prefer Macs over PC's but I work on PC everyday at work, why because its faster for the 3d work I am doing. But I hate PC's, I miss the "little" things that macs offer that just make my day to day life easier and enable me to give them less thought. Like space bar preview when going through files, file searching and file saving ect. At home I use Macs and in college I used Macs. Its the same reason I don't want to learn Maya. I am a designer and don't want to be a technician to do design work. If all things were equal in speed I would never use a PC. With that being said, I guess i'm stuck with the PC for now. They are both pretty equal at this point as far as I am concerned and going back and forth there isn't a whole lot of difference. But windows 7 would have never come about without the user friendly Mac competition. I prefer a company who thinks about that first. Ok, i'm going to go set a render on my PC Machine and then go home to my sexy Mac.
  16. Hey Thanh, this might help you. Its a tutorial I cam across a little while ago on cinema4dtutorial.net : http://www.cinema4dtutorial.net/?p=1049 Looks like its a pretty nice break down on modeling, texturing and animating a snake.
  17. Yes, you can make the pumpkin and displacement editable and then use the boole object to cut out the logo form. I am not sure about baking the material displacement but I have done this before by copying the displacement channel in your material and using the displace deformer on your object instead and paste it into that and than make this editable. It will give you the same look just make sure your geometry has enough segments to displace.
  18. Cool looking textures! Im testing out the preview pack now, wonder if there is a way to animate the brush strokes on the textures to give them some movement?
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