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  1. not sure if I mean this.. mesh > conversion > polygroup to objects to get a seperate jaw
  2. Hello! I'm a bit curious about workflows on projects with tight deadlines. Hope you guys want to share some insights with me In a perfect world in my opinion a global workflow on a project should be something like: -Script / storyboard -Voice over text writing -Style frames and/or short animation preview for look and feel -Sign off on script and style -Recording voice over -Start animation -Preview -Revision (if necessary repeat) -Final (I know this is not set in stone and also could depend on the project) Now sometimes or most times deadlines are to tight and we jump some of these steps and end up in a situation where the voice over text / script is still being written wile I'm already animating on a first but not final version af the script. And I afterward have to re-time (time-remap) the animation on a final voice over recording.. Or in some worse case scenarios they added or removed things in the text that a somehow have to add / remove in-between. How do you guys handle these kind of situation, do you insist on a final script before starting animating or do you adjust the animation afterwards / in-between? Which sometimes cost much more time than would be necessary. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Thanks for al the info everyone! For now I think I'll go for a GTX 580 card combined with some ssd drives and hope to bridge an other year or so this way
  4. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll go that route for now.. any suggestion to which gtx card should work on a mac pro? And what exactly do you mean by hacked? (hacked in AE for cuda to work?)
  5. so basically.. If i'm going to stay on a mac.. I have to wait to get a new set for at least an other year.. And "hope" the mac pro get's an update.. The benchmarks aren't that much higher for the new imac compared to my current set.. seems like a waste of money
  6. anyone else any thoughts on this? Would really like to get some more opinions on this matter Also I was think to get a thunderbolt external HD for project files or AE disk Caching.. would this be a good Idea?
  7. Thanks for the comment, forgot to mention that I'm using it mostly for c4d and AE.There is a lot of rendering in c4d but we also use external render farms like rebus if necessary.Do you think there will be a lot of loss in render power with the new I7 processor compared to 2 "old" xeon processors?I was actually hoping that the new i7 would be more efficient
  8. Hello! I know that there are some of these topics floating around but I'd really like some advice on a new set for motion graphics. Currently I'm working on an 2008 Mac pro 2x quadcore xeon 2.26ghz 20GB ram NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB I'm thinking about the new Imac with the I7 3.4ghz processor 32GB ram And the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5 video card version But I'm not sure if the iMac is the best choice at the moment. I want to stay on an mac set and don't think I can wait an other year for the rumours an a new mac pro. Because this set really has had it's best time... Hope some one can give me some advice about this choice. Thanks Dennis
  9. Wouldn't that new 27 Imac that's coming next month bee a good alternative?
  10. Hello! I just finished up a short clip for a new company called fresh apple that I want to share with you. I've had some fun with fur in c4d and how to let it grow outward, and I tried out the rown plugin for the cube. http://vimeo.com/43815001 Feedback is more than welcome Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply dave, Most of the clients seem to like the flashing frames en chromatic aberration.. But I do realize it has been an easy trick to use.. I did notice this myself a while back and am not using it as often anymore.. "time to move on" As for the deer head.. it's our logo.. the deer head sposed to be kind of a play on words to the name "dear john"..
  12. Hi! Here's our new reel for 2012! http://vimeo.com/41485277 Critiques are welcome. Thanks! Dennis
  13. Thanks for the feedback.. I know it's trendy.. but wanted to figure out how it worked.. And wil take a look at comment about too many cuts and trie to be better in my next exercise!
  14. Hi! Here's a short clip I made to try out some new things.. http://vimeo.com/29690505
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