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  1. Thanks Douwe! (Sorry for that late thanks, thought I was gonna get e-mail notification when replied. Need to re-enable for sure). Cheers, K
  2. Reviving this old thread: Douwe, perhaps you have an idea on how to output a boolean (for linking to the PDie node) value from the dynamic collision node. I want to have PDie affect the particles/clones that have triggered a collision. I.e. the Initial group. I've tried using a compare node from the count port, but that seems to kill all particles instead of the ones that have collided. Got any clues? Cheers, Kim
  3. Luxx has done a tutorial on proxies, might be the way to go. http://www.helloluxx.com/cinema4d-mograph/creating-proxies-using-instances/ /K
  4. Brilliant Douwe, thanks so much. I had a hunch it had to be something in that direction. Just didn't know what end to start with. Cheers, Kim
  5. Got a Internal Server Error while posting. Sorry for the double post!
  6. Typical, got a Internal Server Error while posting. Sorry for the double post!
  7. Hi there, my very first post here, so please be gentle with me I've been looking into Tim Clapham's tutorial Thinking Particles from Dynamic Collisions (link). I wanted to further develop this technique and apply it to a TP emitter (hooked up via a Matrix object). Now, my problem is that not all objects emits in the collision process, only some. And all of them stop emitting after a few frames. Save for one that emits throughout the animation. I've tried to wire it up via the Dynamics Body Node, but can't seem to feed in the right values (or ports) to the Dynamics Collision Node. My guess is that I haven't fed the right amount of data into the object port. Anyone care to take a look at the scenefile and point me in the right direction? I would appreciate it. Scenefile Cheers, Kim
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