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    Digital Art, 3d, creation , history , cinema , music
  1. Hello, after few months, I wanted to share with you some of my new work. I' m focusing on character creation, sculpting/modeling them, etc... Here are some of what I do/did. credit to Ruslan Kim (Inspiration)
  2. ver nice, especially the last one, crazy !
  3. iskander71

    Last one

    Hi all, wanted to show you my last renders from cinema 4d. Maybe I will do another 'version' more complete.
  4. I think it ' s a good job, especially for first one.
  5. it' s a (simple) Mograph Text wich I have added textures, lights, etc...or in some cases I have used the 'Old school' solution with Spline text and Extrude Nurbs. i have just re found the link of the font I have used, if anyone wants to try it, here it is : font Besm'Allah2 I have just found that it is from Almedia, calligraphics designers. Otherwise here are some others creations : ... ... ... ...
  6. Hello, since few days I am experimenting calligraphic fonts (Besm'Allah1, 2 & 3) in Cinema 4D. I have tested textures, lights, etc... Here are the result of this work, in some case I have used Photoshop to color correct or add some adjustement, etc... Hope you like it, anyway all suggestions will be welcome ! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... You can find other creations in my new blog : Cinema 4d by iskander71
  7. hi, thank you but the link is dead !
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