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  1. https://vimeo.com/68290346 Just Updated my showreel. working in broadcast for around 1 year. ANy critiques are welcome.
  2. Working for a company in hk around 1 yr........Here are some artwork I have done....... ANy critiques are welcome https://vimeo.com/62487088
  3. http://videohive.net/item/glass-and-paper/3022914?sso?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=grga Just wondering any plugin can achieve this effect?
  4. thanks, iskander, I am still editing the text, I hope I can mix the text with the shield Just render a better quality in vimeo
  5. A new start for cinema 4D...... My first C4D animation. Any critique is welcome Part 1 Playing around with the shield. Part 2 shield with text I will work on post production later..........
  6. aniocean

    Motion Reel

    I am not a motion graphic designer or animator...... Just want to share sth I made these few months in my leisure time ^^ Any crtiques are welcome.
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