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  1. Hey guys, I have created a short animation in AE, using only shapes and a lot of keyframes to achieve fine detail. Had fun making it and hopefully you will have fun watching it! https://vimeo.com/89653618 Would be glad to get some feedback from you! Daniel.
  2. Hello guys, In this tutorial we are going to create a 3D curved screen, it is built of planes distributed in 3D space to create the desired look. Some great scripts are used in this tutorial and can be found in the tutorial description. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn something useful Please let me know if you have any suggestion for future uploads.
  3. Hello Folks, I have created this animation in After Effects and now giving away the project file for FREE! Hope you enjoy it: Be sure to follow me on Vimeo, more free stuff is on the way as well as some tutorials! Have a great week
  4. Hello there, It has been a few days without any posts, I know that. This is a preview for an up-coming tutorial for aetuts+ I would love to know your opinions and suggestions Enjoy: Don't miss my next video, it is going to be a FREE project file! So be sure to follow and always be up to date. Have a great and creative week Kind regards, Daniel.
  5. I have just seen it on vimeo and then noticed the same name over here, really great work! Very engaging, attractive colors and illustrations and great mixture with the soundtrack!
  6. Hello Guys, This is my latest animation, I used mostly After Effects, but some photoshop animation as well. It has no point whatsoever, just training my animation skills I did all of the sound effects myself, just to try it out, hope it reads well with the whole comp! Please let me know what you think
  7. I have always enjoyed this kid on animations, really well done mate Good job
  8. That's a good question, Binky. What I was trying to do is learn E3D a little better and checkout some it's functions I have never used. Once this evolving sphere was done I started creating the BG and the atmosphere so it looks more interesting and feels part of something. I hoped to create a nice looking animation people will enjoy watching, not less not more, simple testing and experimenting. Thank you Binky
  9. Hey guys, I have recently uploaded a new video to vimeo and would be happy to hear your opinion Take a look: Check out my other videos as well, you might even enjoy them
  10. Hey guys, Take a look at this short animation I created. I provided a free project files and some controllers to quickly adjust everything https://vimeo.com/83436030 It could be really nice if you take a look and let me know how I can improve the control over it and the animation itself Thank you! Daniel.
  11. I like your latest animation test, trying out some of these myself! Followed
  12. Very fun animation, I like the way you use live footage in this example! I like your vids, followed Keep up your good work!
  13. I'm not entirely sure whether it is good or bad haha
  14. Hello Guys, Found it is one of my older folders and decided to upload it https://vimeo.com/83426478 What do you think? Follow me on Vimeo, I'm going to post some tutorials as well as FREE project files! Daniel.
  15. I meant I wouldn't figure out the first one... Didn't come up with anything new... If I will find something out I will share it for sure!
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