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  1. Ok here's a sample project file. So i simply want the nulls in the master comp to have the precomposed shape layers position dynamically via an expression. I'm not adding any additional transforms to the nulls. Hopefully having the project will make more sense. Thanks http://www.mediafire.com/download/1fox5vex3jz2fyz/preComp_layerPos.aep Edit : After Effects Version CS6. let me know if you need it in anything else.
  2. Hi guys, So i have a shape layer with an animated position copied and pasted from a path. This is preComped and looped forever. This preComp is also preComped again within a master comp. I want to take the position of the original shape layer and apply it to a null (that is in the master) so that is at the current position that the shape layer is at the current time within the master comp. How can i do this please? N.B. This isn't as simple as just pickwhipping the layers position because of the time remap/ layer starting at a time other than zero in the main comp, there needs to be an offset. I found something that is pretty much the reverse of what i need from Dan Ebberts on the Cow for doing something similar but linking to a slider but can't figure out how to reverse it for this purpose. offset = comp("main comp").layer(thisComp.name).startTime; comp("main comp").layer("controls").effect("Angle Control")("Angle").valueAtTime(time + offset);
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