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  1. Great advice guys, I really appreciate you all taking the time to read my question(s) and give your honest replies. I come to Mograph for that kind of brutal honesty and insight from industry pros, and it's very valuable to me. I know motion design is a small industry, and that there are more people looking for these positions than there are positions available. Honestly, I don't mind starting out doing a grunt job, or whatever else, so long as it has the potential to be a stepping stone to a better position within a reasonable time-frame, and especially if it's in a bigger city where there's more work nearby. I was offered an internship at a good NYC-based motion design studio, and I regret to say that I was not able to accept it. I had no money to move up there for the duration, and even though they'd be paying me a $50/day stipend, I don't think it would have been enough. I know my work is good enough to at least get me in the door to some of these places, either for an interview or an internship or possibly even a job if I'm lucky. But my location is not helping me at all. Skype, even with video chat, is very impersonal sometimes, and I can tell it's a detriment to my goals here. Basically, I'm sick of opportunities slipping away from me because I'm remote. It's starting to become clearer that if I want to go for a career in motion graphics, I'm going to have to move. I wouldn't mind starting out with a regular design job, but I worry that it won't give me the kind of experience with animation/video production that these studios look for.
  2. Thanks for the insight and feedback guys. As of now, I'll keep looking, but I've landed a freelance gig, and may use the money to go to NYC for a month to see if I can get some in-person interviews and possibly land a position that way. I know NYC, LA, Chicago, etc, are hot spots for this industry, and I just feel like the Skype interviews aren't cutting it.
  3. Hey guys I recently got my BFA in graphic design, and my interest is in motion design (and I'm also almost exclusively pursuing a job in this niche). I'm about 4 months into my job search, and I've yet to land a position. I have, however, gotten plenty of interviews, most of which have been in the past 2 weeks. Employers frequently tell me I'm shortlisted, and that they think my work is "great" or "very good." However, nothing seems to ever come of these interviews, with the coveted positions going to more "experienced" designers. I have at least 2-3 more interviews lined up for next week, but I'm not overly optimistic. I find it extremely frustrating when people with, to put it bluntly, lame or sub-par work are able to land great positions just because they had an internship, or worked at a sign shop for a couple of years. I'd gladly take on an internship, but most of the good ones are unpaid, and in cities very far from where I live. Contrary to what I thought going into this, employers in the design world DO care a lot about experience, even if my work is good and I have a degree from a great 4-year university. What can I do to land a job quicker? I feel like I'm in a rut. I'm in a small town in North Carolina, with absolutely no nearby opportunities, so most of my interviews (usually with NYC and LA firms) are done via Skype web cam, or via a 2-3 hr commute when I can land an interview in my home state. I feel this puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage, as opposed to somebody living in NYC, LA or Chicago. I almost feel like saving $1-2k and just moving to NYC for a month or two to see if I can make it. Or should I just be more patient and keep sending out resumes/reels? Clearly my work is good enough to get interviews (I am routinely shortlisted out of up to 100 or more applicants). This community has been a great resource to me so far, and I look forward to some advice from you guys, especially the more experienced motion designers out there. You can see my work (and resume) here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/d34spj9 << Using a tinyurl as I don't want my site's URL linked to this particular thread/question. Zach
  4. Echospace definitely comes to mind. Give that a try. I don't think it's as intuitive as cloner, but It should still get the job done. Zach
  5. Hi guys I've been lucky enough to make it to a 2nd interview with a very successful LA entertainment marketing/design firm. The first interview was almost an hour, and it was with two of the heads of the design department (who are both very busy people). So I'm feeling very good about this. I wanted to ask what I can expect salary-wise for a Jr. position like this, in an expensive city like LA. They haven't really talked to me at all about salary, and on the application they handed me recently, they want ME to list the salary range I expect. Only problem is, I have no idea what an appropriate salary is for a Jr. Motion Designer in LA. Can some of you experienced motion graphics veterans (especially LA-based ones) help a brother out? Thanks!!
  6. @Binky Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it, thanks.
  7. Hi guys, I'm a 23 yr old recent graphic design graduate from North Carolina. So basically, I have a new reel, and I'm going to start sending it out to as many studios as possible starting tomorrow morning. The only projects in my reel are side-projects from a few freelance gigs and personal stuff I got over the past year, as I've only really started to get serious about motion design in the past year and a half at most. I know that given enough time I can rock at this stuff, as I believe I have lots of potential, and come from a liberal arts design background where we learn all about color theory, composition, concept-based design, etc. I think knowing this, a studio would see me as a potential asset. I know I can apply all that stuff to the work I do, and grow further. However, what I want to know is, basically, can the reel I have now land me a job to reach that goal? You can view my reel here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/d34spj9 (I'd embed it, but I'm a noob and can't figure out how to do it.) Also, I'm compiling a big list of studios to email tomorrow morning. What would your tips for that be? Should I always attach a cover letter? Or do studios just want to see the reel? Thanks in advance!
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