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    motion, film, rock climbing.

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    Motion Media major/Interactive Designer minor at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Rock climb, create, live!
  1. I am aware that LA and NY, among a few other US cities, are the hottest places for motion graphics, but I was wondering about internationally based companies. Where else in the world are these mograph hubs? What big name companies operate elsewhere? I am still in school, and I would just like to get a sense of where else one can go to find work and strong community. cloud
  2. cloud

    Projection Mapping

    @dbrodi -- ok i see, i have been making progress with 3d programs and recreating what ever object it is i wanna project onto. @jean poole -- wooooow that helps tons!! soo much good info! thanks to all!
  3. cloud

    Projection Mapping

    yea i meant real world projection. I have seen videos of projections on sculptures, shoes, and even people. I was just wondering if there were any specific techniques to map my "canvas object" in a 3D program. So far im stuck with guessing and checking, which is really hard to do when i want crisp, accurate edges.
  4. I have wanted to do projection mapping for a while and I finally have a projector on its way. Anyone do this before? Any tips to share?
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