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  1. I just want to ask what are some art/mograph/animation events that happens around Toronto or Ontario? I know there is the Ottawa Animation Festival. Is there more?
  2. hamax1: Yes! I've looked into that, but its really expensive.
  3. Binky: True... I heard most of the people did not even go to school. Thanks Binky!
  4. _gl: So the graphic design benefitted you more? Does it matter if you have a degree or what not?
  5. Thanks so much for your replies! I appreciate it! The multimedia program focuses more on web/interactive design. The graphic design program however, focuses on typography and well... graphic design. So I'm really interested in Motion Design. I'm not really good at coding. It's really frustrating how there's no actual program for it. haha!
  6. Hi, I'm currently looking a place to study motion graphics. I know there's not a lot of courses or programs that offers it but I still need help on what to take. I'm currently torn between Multimedia Design vs Graphic Design. Which is more beneficial for me? Also, I'm in Canada, Ontario to be specific, if that helps. Been doing tons of research but still can't find the right answer. Thanks guys! Looking forward to discussing this!
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