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  1. Yep, definitely. I am obviously not discarding animation by any means, but i feel i need to start one thing at the time to don't be overwhelmed by the program... judging for what i've seen, you can do so many different things with C4D, that i personally feel i need to focus on a couple of the things it can do for me at the time. Once i know how to do those 2-3 things properly, then learn a couple of new things, and so on... otherwise i feel i might be trying to learn too much and end up not learning anything at all.. Thanks dbrodi & butterbescotch! I'm on it!
  2. Thanks Davor & RVA8, i have already done a couple of tutorials from greyscalegorilla, just to know the interface and the basics, I will check digital tutors and see what i can find there. So Cinema 4D is the right tool for this job i guess. Regarding the examples, they are just that, examples of work i find interesting and that i feel that the techniques that are used on them can be applyed to the kind of things i want to do... Also, as you can see, they simply are an starting point to learn the software... i guess it is easier to set up exercises and try to do them than to just play around in C4D without a clear objective. Thanks for your help! More views welcome!
  3. Hi there, i am a junior graphic designer and i feel i need to start learning some 3d software to be able to generate 3d elements to add to my designs. I know the main strengths of Cinema 4d are related to motion graphics, but at the moment i plan to use it simply as a tool to generate realistic 3d objects... I have been taking a look at several tutorials, but most of them cover areas that i don't want to learn at the moment (i will in the future, but not just now), mainly related to animation, body modeling, etc... here are a few examples of the things i intend to achieve... it Cinema 4d the right tool for this job??? ONCE I LEARN HOW TO DO THINGS LIKE IN THOSE FIRST IMAGES, I'LL TRY INTEGRATING THEM IN OTHER SCENES... AND THEN, IN THE FAR FUTURE, I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS KIND OF THING, BUT I REALIZE THIS HAS LOTS OF THINGS AT PLAY: Soooo, I feel the main things i need to learn for my goals are: (i might be wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me...) 1.the bestworkflow to import my designs into C4D 2. lighting, lighting, lighting. 3. create nice materials and texturing within C4D... (i don't know how to import some of the complex color patterns, complex gradients, etc that i have made on illustrator to use them as my material or texture) 4. nurbs to model & modify type compositions and other elements.. 5. learning Vray & other plugins to export all the previous work in the nicest posible way?? am i missing something vital?? I am just getting familiar with the software, so basically i am a total noob at it... How long do you guys think will take to learn the basics of C4d for this specific application?? And lastly and most important, are there any tutorials / courses focused in this kind of use of CINEMA 4D??? If you know them, please post them! Sorry for the long post & Thanks in advance for your responses!
  4. Ok, thanks for your answer AromaKat, in how much time do you think i can be doing what i'm asked to do?? Sorry for my english and thanks again.
  5. Hello all, i'm a junior graphic designer working in an agency, my director likes my style composing type and has asked me to learn a bit of motion to do simple stuff, like animate text and some graphics that i will create to insert on our videos, pretty basic stuff, but since i'm going to learn it, i wouldn't mind getting into it a bit... I use Freehand (yes, i know, i have to migrate to illustrator) and photoshop. I'm more focused to print, so i'm a complete newbie on the matter of animation, but for what i read it is After Effects or Motion... correct me if I,m wrong... Here are my questions: since i'm not familiar with any of them, which should i choose?? Also, should i need to learn any video basics?? Also, for my specific requirements, is one superior to the other one? and lastly, in how many weeks should i be capable to do the task?? A course is recommended or it is easy enough to learn it on my own?? Any online courses that will do the trick?? Thanks in advance for your help guys.
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