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  1. Not sure what version you're on or if it will still work post R12-13, but rBoole sounds like what you're after: http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/855-render-boolean-plugin/
  2. I've been researching this a bit the past few weeks and it seems the best CPU bang for the buck is the 4930K. It comes in 3rd on geekbench 64bit multi-core scores: Intel Xeon E5-1660- 24620 $1111* Intel Core i7-4960X - 23356 $1049* Intel Core i7-4930K - 22531 $579* http://browser.primatelabs.com/processor-benchmarks *today's newegg prices
  3. You'll need to render with a spherical lens with either V-Ray or a plugin called WFCam4D. I've only used WFCam before and it works pretty well but the devs are pretty slow to respond for support & upgrades. Not sure if it runs in R15 or not. http://software.multimeios.pt/wfcam4d/
  4. Not much to it really. You'll need a camera in the center of the world and add the cylindrical lens post effect in your render settings. It's basically a parallel camera (no perspective) that renders all the way around. In your cylindrical lens properties, set the horizontal field of view (up to 360º) and set the vertical size. The vert size you'll have to play with to get the right aspect as this depends on your render resolution. Also take into account how far the viewing audience will be from the surface of the projection. There's some math behind all that but rarely does anything ever need to be 1:1 resolution. You could knock things down 50%-75% of the projector's native raster and be just dandy from the viewing positions. my 2 cents
  5. I'd do it all in C4D then use the cylindrical lens effect to render out your 360 with a camera in the center of the world. That will give you a flattened panoramic from one camera. Biggest advantage is speed in the building phase and test rendering at lower resolutions. I'd argue that 2D image planes in C4D have comparable rendertimes to AE if not faster. Not to mention you can view it/ build it from the perspective of the viewer in its full 3D space context.
  6. hey gang- I recently stumbled on how to sync my c4d plugins folder across my home and work computers and thought I'd make this tutorial to share the knowledge. It uses dropbox and symbolic links in OS X. I've since read that windows has symlinks as well, so while the tute is done on a Mac, the windows gang can follow along (for the most part?) I imagine the same technique can be done for After Effects plugins, photoshop brushes, actions etc as well, though I've yet to do that as well. Hope this helps. cheers! http://demafleez.com/post/52706322037/how-to-sync-cinema4d-plugins-across-two-computers
  7. WireShader+? http://www.tools4d.com/?page_id=1586
  8. Maybe it's my ergonomics preferences but using my pinky to hit control + an F key is too much gestural acrobatics. thumb and index is where it's at if you're a hotkey freak. Grundly, what's that app you're referencing to remap the keyboard?
  9. here's a little cleanup action: http://vimeo.com/57142095
  10. just remove the normal tag, go to poly mode and ensure that all your normals are facing outward (viewport>options>enable normals) and then adjust the phong tag settings.
  11. Giving back to the mograph community by offering up these lil' guys as a gift!. Santa and Rudloph come rigged each in their own scenes and together rigged with a sleigh. Feel free to use them in any projects you'd like both commercial and personal. Hope you can learn from them as much as I did while creating them. If you use them, be sure to link me up! I'd love to see what comes about. Here's him doing a little silly running man dance: https://vimeo.com/55247683 download the Cinema4D R14 scene files here: http://demafleez.com/post/36583813961/rigged-low-poly-santa-rudolph cheers! demafleez
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