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  1. This motion graphic was desgined by one of my students for another student's YouTube channel trailer. He happend to post this the same day I posted the Radial Love videos. Cool coincidence, and inspiring work! Brad will be graduation this year and moving on to a motion graphics career and college. Great work Brad! https://motiongraphicsmarket.com/blog/radial-love-coincidence-and-inspiration
  2. I often have conversations with my students about college, and ask them to speak directly with students and alumni to get a good idea of the opportunities at the school, especially with internships. Twitter searches have been one of the best ways to reach out and find people at the different colleges who are willing to help out. Do you have experience that you'd like to share? What was your method for looking into college programs?
  3. I just posted a new Motion 3 tutorial for my students, it might spark ideas for any design: https://motiongraphicsmarket.com/tutorials/motion-3-blend-mode-composite Changing the blend mode of an image or text layer above a video (or image, or text) layer can bring about different results. Here we use color dodge and stencil alpha in a student produced public service announcement.
  4. I think your head is in the right place. The reel is excellent as is, there is a balance of work and art. Commercial appeal vs street cred are sometimes opposing forces; the best stuff holds up on both sides. The MTV ident explanation reminds me of the where Ramit said something like, "expecting the other person to recognize your brilliance is wrong; you need to teach them to revere what you have done." The UI transitions website is awesome. I think anyone can find inspiration in the demonstration and explanation in that site.
  5. I teach FCP and Motion in high school, and I started a site on the side to focus on motion graphics. https://motiongraphicsmarket.com The site offers a simple interface to share, buy or sell files. The site also automatically and immediately pays designers on sales through paypal. I'd appreciate anyone checking out the site and giving me feedback. The site could use some good designers and files.
  6. I have a few tutorial videos for anyone new to Motion 5 on https://motiongraphicsmarket.com. Check out: Part 1: Build a Lower Third from Scratch with Objects and Behaviors Part 2- Build A Lower Third From Scratch: Particles Motion designers can create portfolios of templates to share or sell on https://motiongraphicsmarket.com. To share a template simply click "File->Publish Template..." All the files needed to upload to Motion Graphics Market are placed into a folder in your Movies/Motion Templates/ folder. Zip that folder (crt- click the file, then click "compress") and upload to the site.
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