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  1. I blog mograph inspiration at www.FromUpNorth.com - but Daniel Nelson and Chris Sims do some great galleries and inspiration post of illustration, digital design, photography, ads, etc.. New stuff up every weekday.
  2. I'll just add a little bit to what's already been stated. Do not overlook the importance of design theory. You may be a wizkid and very skilled at using the software, but becoming a good motion designer (or any designer for that matter) you need to have some basic knowledge around the design principles with typography, color, composition, light etc.. (and maybe you already have!) But, if you haven't attended design school I would defenitely recommend reading up on that on the side.
  3. Dope topic for inspiration - some nice ones on the table. On top of my head I'd add Territory, Golden Wolf and Framestore - though the latter is not solely London..
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