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  1. Just wen you think it is not working out, the solution is right in front of your feet, i dropped the original cloner in a null object and added a taper deformer. I placed the deformer on the well and that fixes the issue. Tx for the idea and the suggestion. cheers, Michael
  2. Hi wysee, You are right, i apologise for omitting the file. PLease find in the link what I have come up with so far. It is not far from what i want but i really need them to originate from the "well" and i would liek to have them a bit more scattered around the spline. Hope you can find a solution or give me a pointer on how to resolve it. Cheers, Michael https://www.dropbox.com/s/px6eomxy6gbx0fc/SPEWING_WELL.c4d
  3. Hi all, I am looking to have a well ( or a random hole) spit out bricks of a wall (made with a grid cloner), the individual elements should fly up at random and than follow a sinuslike path to their final position where they form the wall from left to right. SO far I have come up with a cloner, a plain effector to take them to the source ( and scale them down to invisible), the PLAIN the shoots up and a random effector distributes. Both strenghts fade out to zero over time and form the wall. , but it is not elegant enough. Any advice would be grately appreciated. Tx, Michael
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