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  1. I'm looking to buy a new mobile tablet to be able to take with me on the go, but I want to make sure it's compatible for motion graphics (saving out vector files and the likes). I recently came across this guy on IG, rockyroark. He does some awesome illustration work on his iPad pro, but he uses astropad. I have a PC and I'm more of a samsung fan. Not a huge fan of Apple. Is there a similar app on samsung/google play? And I know the Samsung's use Wacom technology so I assumed those would be solid, especially if I pick up the Bamboo pen. I was looking a the Galaxy Tab S3. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on illustrating with Samsung or Androids and integrating them into mograph? Thanks!
  2. Come on guys! 80 people clicked this link and nothing to say?!?
  3. Here is my recently completed MoGraph Showreel. I could really use some criticism from some fresh eyes! Let me have it!! https://vimeo.com/68400958 Thanks for watching!
  4. I agree with 3dm, but I also think that you have some very energetic pieces in there.. but the music is sooooo.... slow and almost boring, I think that if you had some more upbeat music as well as some more upbeat transitions/cuts, you could probably cut your reel down to a minute, and have a really, really strong reel. 2 minutes is just too long, in my opinion, especially with that music! It made me want to go to sleep! Also, I didn't see your name or anything on there? What gives?
  5. Ok... In my opinion, you have some really good stuff in here.. but you also have a lot of... uh, fluff? The pacing was really good for the first half, and it kind of got a little boring for me towards the end, and I think it was because some of the shots linger a little bit too long. The cuts were a lot quicker at the beginning, or so it seemed, maybe because of the quality of the content, or just the energy of the shots in general. Also, where is your information? How are prospective employers supposed to get a hold of you if you don't give them a phone number or an email address or anything? I understand it is probably on your resume, but I believe you should have SOME form of contact either at the beginning and end... also, your name should be at the end as well... it should be the first and last thing they see. I saw your name at the beginning... but at the end, I forgot what your name was, and you didn't even remind me! I think you could probably trim it down by 30 seconds, and get a really good reel out of it!
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